Stuff The Shipping Fees @ Canadian Tire!

Stuff them! Stuff those shipping fees! I hate them! We want to give money to these companies… why not ship the goods out for free… it’s the least they can do!

Here is a free shipping discount code for

  • Where: Online @ Canadian Tire
  • Coupon Code: WINTER302
  • Discount: Free Shipping
  • Minimum Spend: $25
  • Expires: 23rd January 2009

You won’t see the discount applied in your cart, they apply this one when they are processing the order, so don’t worry about that.

It really is one of my pet peeves. You see a great deal, stick it in your cart… get out your flexible friend to make the payment… and lo and behold, the shipping is $2million to Canada. Not nice!


  • Joanne
    Hi Anna: I printed off the coupon the the Loblaws/Fortinos free green box, and shopped at Fortino's last night. I spent $67.00. They would not honor the coupon. I was a little miffed. Your note says it's good until Jan 22nd. They say not all stores honor these coupons. Perhaps you should list the stores that do
  • Anna
    Perhaps you should have posted in the Loblaws blog post Joanne :) I can only give you the information I have at hand... if I had a list of the stores, I would certainly tell you them. I can only go by what is written on the coupon...

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