Spring Cleaning? Step Up Your Vacuum Game with $150 Off All Dyson Cinetic Models

17 March 2016
$150 Off All Dyson Cinetic Models

Am I the only one who gets excited about vacuum cleaners? I'm willing to bet I'm not alone. A good vacuum is worth it's weight in gold not just because it rids your house of nasties like dust mites and allergens, but also because it'll help you muster up the strength up to tackle the cleaning at all.

There is nothing worse that staring down an old dirty, inefficient machine, shoved in the depths of your closet, especially when you suspect it is just going to blow more dust around the house than it will ever actually remove. If this sounds like the relationship you have with your current vacuum cleaner, you're ready for a Dyson.

Dyson is an industry leader and well-loved brand. While certainly not inexpensive, most reviews would suggest that it's a machine that is well worth the investment.

Your eyes may gloss over when you start reading up on "centrifugal force" but what you really need to know is that these vacuums suck! In the best way possible! That is to say, no loss of suction over time. Also, no dirty bags and filters to change. As an added bonus, they look super cool and are fun to use.

That's right, I said fun. And I meant it.

Available in both upright and canister, consider their Animal model if you need to get tough on pet-hair or their Multi-floor model if you don't.

This is a big purchase but if you're dreading your spring cleaning this year, this could be the key to embracing it with gusto. Shipping is free and offer expires March 24, 2016.

Not going to lie, I love vacuuming. How about you? Is it a favourite or most-dreaded chore?

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