Staples Canada: Blackberry Playbook 16 GB $149 + 50% off Accessories

27 August 2012

Staples Canada again has a fantastic deal on the Blackberry Playbook! All sizes are on sale, and the 16 GB is just $149! Get 50% off accessories when you purchase the Playbook.

The best deal (I think) is on the 16 GB playbook, but you can judge these prices for yourself:

You have 6 accessories to choose from as well, so you can get a case or a charging stand for your Blackberry Playbook as well.

I love Staples's delivery service. I bought it one day and the next business day they attempted to deliver! You can literally buy this today and have it in your hands tomorrow. Because the Playbooks are over $50, you will receive free shipping.

I just got one of these form my Mother, though totally missed out on using a coupon which is really annoying. So far it has been easy to set up and I really love the size!

Now, for a special Mooser I have one $15 off $100 coupon code to give away. The first person to post requesting it I will email the code. Please only request the code if you are going to use it! Coupon given away!

Expiry: 3rd, September 2012

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  • Mike
    Could I get that coupon? Definitely can make use!
    • Avigayil M.
      Coupon has been sent! Enjoy :-)
  • Anna Waters EDITOR
    I have about 8 spare coupons, let me know who else wants one!
  • rON
    Coupons do not work, staples support phones back, and blocks the coupon, might work in checkout, but they catch it in the credit dept, or was it just me?

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