Roam Mobility: Activate Roam SIM Card & Receive 1-Day Credit

12 August 2014


Roam Mobility is a USA phone service for Canadians that hooks you up with a US SIM card and telephone number so you can avoid roaming charges while traveling in the United States. Currently, Roam Mobility is offering $3.95 back as credit when you activate a Roam Mobility SIM Card.

Unless you already know about this company and have bought their SIM card, then this offer necessarily starts with you purchasing the Roam USA Travel SIM Card and then activating it before the end of August (when this promotion ends). The SIM card costs $19.95 and comes in either a repluggable SIM (standard/micro) or a Nano-SIM (for the iPhone 5/5c/5s).

You can activate your new SIM card online, and upon activation, you will receive one day's worth of talk, text, and data fees credited to your account: $3.95. That is essentially 20% back on the cost of the SIM card itself, so certainly a decent little promotion. When you activate your card, you will receive your US phone number.

When you want to travel in the USA, it is simple. You merely pick your plan (days, talk, text, data amounts) and then schedule the day you want your plan to kick in. Talk, text, and data are $3.95 a day while talk and text is $2.95 a day. For the thrifty, get just text and data for $1.95 a day. Data starts at one cent a MB. See all the plans right here. These plans are actually wicked awesome as they include unlimited calling, unlimited texting, and a good chunk of data.

All Roam Mobility's talk and text plans include unlimited calls within the US and back to Canada. Need to call home? That is no problem with Roam Mobility. There are some additional add-ons for those with more data needs. There is also a snowbirds plan for Canadians that spend an inordinate amount of time in the USA. For around $40 a month you can have all your dreams come true.

I do not spend a huge amount of time in the United States, but I am there about five to ten days every year. If that trend continues, I might have to consider buying this SIM card. My phone company only charges by the month so any time spent in the USA costs me $40 to avoid huge roaming fees. This would be a far better investment.

Roam Mobility Canada offers free expedited shipping.

(Expiry: 31st August 2014)

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  • Jeremie D.
    Be aware, All is good with roam Mobility when all is running ok. But when it's doesn't. They have one of the worst customers' service ever. I tried to contact them, didn't received any reply. The queue waiting time on phone is more than 1 hour. Also, their prices are unbeatable..
  • Marilyn
    Does the SIM card work with the iPhone 4S?
    • Avigayil M.
      I don't know Marilyn, couldn't find the specifics for the repluggable micro. It would be best if you contacted Roam directly.

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