Puma Canada: Men's Suede Classic Natural Calm Men's Sneakers Were $70 | Now $32 & Free Shipping With Coupon Code


Kristy recently blogged about an awesome deal on a Puma hat, which I immediately ordered for my husband. It came the other day and inside were some very juicy coupons for in-store and online use. One that I found particularly good was the coupon SHOE10, which gives you an extra $10 off any pair of shoes on their site over $39.99! I thought that the men's suede classic natural calm men's sneakers were already a fantastic deal, regularly $70 and now $42, but after adding the coupon code, these shoes came right down to $32! Puma also has a free shipping on all orders deal going on right now too, so there's another bonus added on top.

Just as I did with the hat, I've sent the link over to my hubby to let him know about this great deal since he was recently looking for casual shoes to wear. There aren't any details about these shoes on their site, but as you can see from the photo, they are suede in a grey with a natural colour sole and accenting. These shoes are very classic and look pretty comfortable as well. You could dress them up or down depending on your outfit.

Looking online for competitor prices, I didn't see these anywhere else in Canada. Since Puma does ship from the U.S., I looked at other U.S. stores where I found them for about $60 at the spots I checked. Shipping would also be added to that cost and potential duties. Puma calculates all duties at checkout and for this pair of shoes to Ontario, the duties/sales tax was only $4!

As I said above, there are a few other juicy coupons that I've added to the Puma coupon page, including $20 off your purchase of $100 or more. I was hoping that coupon would stack on top of this coupon, but sadly, it did not. What I did see is that for every pair of shoes, you'll get that extra $10 off, which is pretty sweet! With an order of four pairs of shoes, I got $40 off.

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