PoopBags.ca: 10% off Coupon Code + Free Shipping


This is a Canadian company we have briefly mentioned before that offers an eco-friendly choice for doggy poop bags. These bags will biodegrade into carbon dioxide and water in only 18 months! Talk about a difference from the plastic bags that are known to take hundreds of years (and not have as friendly bi-products)! They also smell lavender fresh to help you pick up that messy smell!

Poopbags is offering a discount and free shipping on their year supply of biodegradeable poopbags, that is 750 poopbags!

  • Discount: 10% off + free shipping
  • Coupon Code: clientspecial
  • Expiry: ? (limited time offer)

The year's supply is usually $44.99 so you save $4.50 and shipping costs.

If you are unsure if this is the product for you:

I just adopted a dog and have to say, after 1 day of using old grocery bags I am looking for a good, eco-friendly alternative!

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  • FirienNimrais
    Their poop bags are great! And they smell good too ;)

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