Pet Bling Canada: 25% Off Select Tags & Free Shipping & No Tax

23 September 2014


Pet Bling Canada sells dog, puppy, and cat tags so you can make sure your pet is returned to you if they should go missing. Currently, they have 25% off the Canadian Flag id tag and the Fleur-de-lis Tag for your dog. Originally $19.99, these tags are now on sale for $14.99. You will also receive free shipping and will not pay tax either.

Each tag is about the size of a toonie and can accept three lines of text on the back. The fewer characters in your text, the larger your text will appear. The base material is lead-free nickel-plated bronze. The red or blue and white enamel painted front is coated with an epoxy finish, which increased durability according to their website. Tags do not generally take a lot of abuse. Yet, when we had a collar and a tag on my cat Ghost, he use to chew on his metal tag. I was not sure whether he was doing it for fun or trying to get the tag off. He did not seem too fond of wearing the collar as it jingled. Now that I have two cats, I am considering putting collars on both of them so they know when each other is coming instead of doing the 'sneak attack' and getting into a fight.

If you do not have a collar to put your pet's new tag on, then you can always pick out up at Pet Bling. Collars start at just $18.99.

While admiring these tags, I found another sweet dog tag on sale for 20% off. This Glow in the Dark Bone might just be the tag you are looking for. Originally $24.99, the tag is on sale for $19.99 with no tax and free shipping. This tag can only hold two lines of tag on the back, as it is long and narrow. I suggest including your phone number and either your name or your address.

That totally reminds me, I need a new tag for Mr. Ghost! His tag has my old phone number on it so it really is not any good anymore, as I have moved provinces. It is time to fix the boys right up with swank new collars and tags.

There are a few other tags on sale so browse what else they have to offer.

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