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1 July 2012

People always ask me how I can get so many things for free.  One of the ways that I get free items is through various points systems that are totally free.  Having 2 small kids in diapers, I found out about the Pampers Gifts to Grow Points really fast.  The great thing about this points system is that you don't need to have kids to join or to get the great free products.  You also don't need to buy anything (although you will get more points when you buy Pampers products).

Through this points system, I have received free gift cards, toys for my kids, and 2 free potty training seats.  It is so easy and simple and absolutely free to do. Since they often put out free points, your points will add up fairly quickly for free stuff!

How does it work? The basic way this points system works is you collect points and trade them in for various merchandise, gift cards, coupons, donate to charity or use them for draws on great prizes.  There is no need to buy any products to get points and you will get 10 free points just for signing up.

Where can you get points? There are a few places and ways to get points.  Anytime you buy any pampers products such as diapers and wipes, there will be a sticker or imprint on the inside of the packaging with a unique code.  Enter it on your profile on the website and your points will be automatically added.  Another way to find point is by checking out the Pampers Gifts to Grow coupon codes section on bargainmoose because we will post all universal codes.  This is the best way to find codes without having to buy a thing.  The codes listed on the products that you buy are for a one time use but the codes listed on bargainmoose are for everyone to use.

What can you get? There are over 50 different rewards for which you can currently redeem your points.  The rewards change so if you don't see something you want to get, wait a few weeks and more will be added.  I personally like to save my rewards to get bigger prizes.  I started off saving up my rewards and getting items like toys or books that I know my kids would like.  But after a while, I found some things that I wanted so now I treat myself as well.  Choose from things like coupons for diapers or wipes, get toys like Leapfrog, Little Tykes and Mega Blocks toys, or you can get something for yourself like a Canvas Pop gift card for $50 or a 20 page photo book from Shutterfly. My family likes to eat at Applebee's so I often save up points  for gift cards for dining out.  They also allow you to donate the points to charities like UNICEF, the Children's Safe Drinking Water Program or Graham's Foundation.

The points will never expire so you can save your points for some of the bigger items if you want to.  Also, all of the shipping and handling is paid for with anything you trade your points in for.  The great thing about this system is that anyone can do it whether they have children or not.  There are so many different rewards to choose from that change all the time that makes this points system a great one to sign up for.  Make sure to give them your email address because they will send you coupons periodically for diapers and wipes.

What have you got for free with your Pampers Gifts to Grow points lately?

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  • Stephanie
    Would LOVE this program is their website ever worked properly. I think their website developers are young enough to be in diapers themselves.

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