No Minimum Monday Next Week: Free Canadian Shipping!


Next week, on Monday the 9th December 2013, we’re holding our 3rd annual No Minimum Monday! Here on Bargainmoose, we hate paying for shipping charges when shopping online, and we know the Moosers feel the same. No Minimum Monday is an event which we have set up for the last three years, putting together loads of Canadian stores which will be offering completely free shipping to your home, with no minimum purchase requirements! We've put it in a tab at the top of the blog, so you can easily see it there. ^^^

Over the last five years that we have been blogging here on Bargainmoose, we’ve built relationships with many hundreds of Canadian stores, many of which you’ve seen in the past in the form of our exmoosive coupon codes.  So for No Minimum Monday, we’ve reached out to as many stores as we could to see who would like to participate – by offering the Moosers totally free shipping with no minimum spend on this day.

As you can see on our free shipping page linked above, many stores already offer free shipping with no minimum spend thresholds. But on Monday, we will be adding LOADS more exclusive free shipping offers. For some of the stores who are participating in the event on Monday, they’ve never before offered free shipping, so it will be a fantastic opportunity to try out some new Canadian stores.

If you’re in the midst of your Christmas shopping, do your research now and see the sort of things you might be interested in purchasing. Then, check back with us here on Bargainmoose on Monday and check out the 150+ stores which will be offering free shipping with no minimum spend.

I’ll bump this post a few times before the day in question, to remind you when it starts – 12.01AM on the 9th December 2013.

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