NewEgg Canada Marketplace: Free Shipping on Watches, Clothing, Sunglasses & More

19 February 2014


Get free shipping on a bunch of great items from all sorts of vendors in NewEgg Canada's Marketplace!

NewEgg Canada Marketplace is still sort of new so I'll give you a quick heads up on what it is. Basically it lets vendors sell their wares on NewEgg Canada's site. The vendor doesn't have to set up their own eCommerce and fulfillment solution, NewEgg does it for them.

NewEgg is known for their electronics and computer gear but the Marketplace is for anything. You can sell watches, makeup, jewelry, clothes and yes, even electronics. If NewEgg isn't normally a website you'd look at, NewEgg Marketplace might be. For the most part, the Marketplace doesn't interest me personally. There is a bit of electronic/computer gear and some tools (I really need a new drill...) but it seems to mostly be fashion items named after people I don't know. If Borsa Lea, Michael Kors, VOLO, A Julian or Yves Saint Laurent mean anything to you, you're in the right place.

And of course we have free shipping on a bunch of stuff. Nothing stings quite like finding a great deal or the perfect item only to have a big shipping cost slapped on it. Keep in mind that this does not apply to all items in the Marketplace nor does it apply to the main NewEgg store.

(Expires: 3rd March 2014)

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