Nerf Rebelle Agent Bows Were $25 | Now $12 @ Walmart *HOT*

4 January 2015


Walmart Canada has discounted Nerf Rebelle Purple Agent Bows from $25 down to just $12 each with free shipping. There appears to be two colour choices: pink/teal and pink/purple.

I price compared this toy at Amazon Canada and it costs $36.99 there so Walmart has an amazing deal on this archery set.

This is a really cool bow and arrow set. You can launch arrows up to 85 feet away. The set comes with a bow, three arrows, decoder, quiver, and instructions. You may be wondering what that decoder is all about - I know I was. Well, each arrow comes with a secret message that can only be decoded with the included decoder. Give the decoder to your friend and keep everyone else in the dark as to your nefarious (or honest) intentions.

There are many super heroes these days that use a bow and arrow. Think of Hawkeye from Marvel who is not only trained in martial arts but also uses a bow and 'trick arrows' as his primary weapon. He is a member of The Avengers team and you would have seen him in action if you watched the movie.

Green Arrow from DC is no slouch either. He is a Robin Hood like figure that uses his archery skills to help others. Sometimes he uses trick arrows as well, and if you play the popular game Injustice then you have probably suffered one of his freezing arrows. DC even gave the character his own show on TV; it is called Arrow and is widely popular.

Now, if none of these characters rings a bell, you must know Katniss from The Hunger Games. Her chosen weapon is the bow and arrow. I think that this set is actually designed for young girls who want to be like Katniss.

The set is recommended for ages nine and older. It requires an adult to assemble it a Phillips/cross head screwdriver will be needed. The set also requires two "AAA" batteries as the sights for the bow are electric (that is very cool). Overall, I think this is an awesome set for any kid and it is on sale for a fantastic price.

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  • Kristy R.
    I want to be like Katniss too. At least I want to have her bow and arrow skills!

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