NCIX Canada: Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard Was $150 | Now $100 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)


Ending today, NCIX has a super deal on the Logitech Harmony smart keyboard with harmony hub. Regularly $149, it is now on sale for $99.

At first I wondered why anyone would pay $100, let alone $150 for a keyboard, then I realized all of the capabilities this smart keyboard has. Firstly, you can use it for living room streaming to watch videos or tv on a web-connected television or a Mac computer. You can watch videos on Vevo, YouTube or Netflix using this keyboard to search out whatever it is you'd like to watch.

Love Fallon and Ferrel? Just type their names in the search to get all their latest and greatest. Your kid needs to watch Bob the Builder this very minute? Simply type in Bob's name and see what you can find.

We actually just purchased a box and this keyboard for streaming the internet on our television. I love it! I also love not having to scroll from each letter to complete my search - I can just type it in very quickly.

Take a read through the details to find out all of the great features of this keyboard, along with the Harmony app. Or, you can take the word of four happy reviewers, who have given it a total of a 4-star rating:

Once this is up and running, you're good to go. The remote (your phone, or the keyboard) will control WI-fi and Bluetooth devices, and the hub acts as an IR Blaster for the non-networked devices. The keyboard works really well, has a built in trackpad, and can be used on two separate devices through the USB doggles.

The pros include using your smartphone as a remote, simple to use and easy to set-up. The cons include not having a backlight, which would be great when you are watching television in the dark.

Of course I did a little shopping around, to ensure you are getting the best deal on this product. Best Buy sells this for a full $150. All of the other audio-visual stores also sold it for full price.

Shipping is free on this item as well.

(Expiry: 8th April 2015)

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