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Quick note that we have received another free shipping coupon code from MAC Cosmetics. This one comes complements Senior Artist Chantel Miller and her favourite products.

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Thanks to everyone who gave me advise last time on how to clean my brushes! I had really worried about damaging them and your advice was awesome. I've got another question maybe you can help me out with:

Someone told me I shouldn't mix up brands of products like have my foundation from one company, con-sealer from a different company, etc. because they 'chemicals' or whatever they put in that stuff might react to each other. Has anyone else heard this? What are your thoughts?

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  • K
    You can totally mix. Some products work better in combo than others (Nars Sheer Matte does NOT go over my silicone-based acne treatment at all...), but from everything I've read and done, unless you're combining chemical exfoliants, you shouldn't worry.

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