Little Burgundy Canada: Hunter Orig. Short Boots $109.98 + Free Shipping

26 September 2014


I am pleased as a pickle at today's deal from little Burgundy! I found a small selection of Hunter Original Rain Boots, also known as wellies, on sale from $155 down to $109.98 with free shipping.

You have two colour choices! Light blue comes in size nine and snowy comes in sizes six, seven, and eight. Between the two colours, four of the main women's sizes are covered so I am pleased with this offer.

I did a little price comparing for you to ensure you are getting the best deal. Hudson's Bay sells the short Hunter Boots for $155, Softmoc sells the Short Hunter Boots for $149.99 (and a sale orange pair for $119.99), and Town Shoes also has Hunter Short Boots on sale for $129.99 to $119.99 with limited sizing. Overall, Little Burgundy certainly has the best deal.

The Short Hunter Wellington Boots are ideal for anyone with larger calves who has difficulty fitting into the tall wellies. I have a sizable calf muscle, and have always had issues with taller boots. However, when I first tried on the Hunter short it was like love at first fit. The boots fit wonderfully, are wide enough to accommodate my foot, are comfortable to walk in, and my calf is free to be itself.

I own a pair of these in matte black, but I really like the light blue. It is a lot more 'fun'. You can get comfortable fleece socks to wear in your boots so watch for those to go on sale as well. I have a red pair I bought from Little Burgundy a while back.

If you are going to own a pair of Hunter rain boots, then you need to know about blooming. High quality rubber undergoes that natural process when it has been in contact with water. Think of it as the rubber 'sweating'. It looks like your rubber boots are turning white. You just need to pick up a bottle of Hunter's wellie protector (which can be bought at Hudson's Bay) and it turns your boots back to normal. I have seen many people freak out over bloomy and it is simply not necessary.

Little Burgundy is also offering free shipping on all orders with no minimum right now. It is a good time to buy a pair of boots, shoes, and any accessories you may need. Sign up for their newsletter to receive an extra 10% off.

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  • Eva W.
    I want these! Love!

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