Lee Valley: Free Shipping

Lee Valley is offering Free Shipping until July 11, 2010. This is a great opportunity to get that little something you might be looking at but are unwilling to pay the additional shipping charges to order! Thanks so much to busy Mooser Alicia for this find!

Check out some of their cool items:

Ever since I was a child, my Father use to drop by Lee Valley every couple of years and I found the place absolutely fascinating. I loved the smell of the wood, and all the cool little trinkets they had there. I was really into astronomy back then, and on one of our trips to Lee Valley, my Father bought me a nocturnal sundial, and gave it to me on my birthday. I still have it to this day.


  • anon
    I love the blog but is this really a "freebie"?
    • Anna
      Technically, it's a "deal" - I will move over to that category - thanks :)

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