J/FIT 32 lbs Dumbbell Set with Rack Was $90 | Now $49 & Free Shipping @ Amazon


Are you trying to get in shape but don't want to shell out for a gym membership or want some exercises you can do from home? Then pick up a set of dumbbells for the same price as a one-month membership fee to your favourite gym. The J/FIT 20-5200 32-Pound Dumbbell Set with Rack is on sale from $89.59 down to $49.34. CamelCamelCamel confirms that this is the lowest price that this set has ever been. Receive free shipping on this heavy set as it costs over $25.

This set comes with three sets of dumbbells for a combined weight of 32 lbs. You receive two 8lb weights, two 5lb weights, and two 3lb weights. This weight set is perfect for beginners and more experience weight trainers. If you are new to weights, start off with 3lbs and work your way up. When I was lifting weights 5x a week, I was using a set of 10lb dumbbells... and I am a 5'4 female. Trust me, these weights are great for all levels of experience.

I actually need to replace a set of my dumbbells as the outer coating got chipped when I moved. Dumbbells are your fitness resolution's best friend. They can add weight and thus resistance to almost any activity. While running on the treadmill will build your lower body, it does very little for your upper body. Run with a set of dumbbells in your hands to add weight and build muscle.


I know that new fitness goals are really hard to make a year-long commitment. I found dumbbells the best way to move from a sedentary to a fitter lifestyle. I started by lifting dumbbells every time I sat down to watch a TV show or a movie. I would take the lightest dumbbells and do simple arm and shoulder exercises with my butt firmly planted on the couch. Then I moved to doing crunches and lifting weights while watching television. Since my hands were always busy, it kept me from shoving snack foods into my mouth as I watched - bonus!

These weights are neoprene coated solid steel with non-slip handles to keep them in your sweaty palms. The set includes a triangle shaped rack for storing and for easy access. Reading the reviews, people seem to love the dumbbells but find the storage rack flimsy. :( FYI, a similar set at Canadian Tire (32 lbs) currently costs $59.99 without stand.

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