Happy Socks: Special Valentine's Sock Offers


Happy Socks has created 2 special pack offers for socks in time for Valentines Day. In each pack there are 4 pairs of really cool socks/tights. Each pack costs $50 CAN and comes with free shipping to Canada.

Here is a breakdown of the savings:

- The women's pack involves 2 pairs of striped socks, 1 pair of dotted socks and a pair of Batik Tights. Each pair of socks usually costs $12 and the Batik Tights are $31, so you are looking at $31 + $12x3 = $67. You are saving $17, equal to 25%.

- The men's pack involves 4 pairs of socks: 1 pair cashmere, 1 pair of dotted socks, 1 pair of striped socks and a pair of 5 colour socks. Excluding the cashmere they each cost $12, and the cashmere socks cost $25 so you are looking at $25 + $12x3 = $59. You are saving $9 or around 17%.

Those prices include free 2 - 5 day delivery within Canada.

The women's is certainly the best deal, but both are pretty good. It has been so long since Happy Socks had a sale I am going into withdrawal. I am an avid avid Happy Sock owner. All my socks except for some winter varieties are Happy Socks. I own 30 pairs. I get so many compliments on them whenever they are visible.  I am probably going to spoil myself and get this pack. :D

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