Giant Warehouse Sale Canada: 15% Off


Starting on Monday the 7th of  December 2009, Giant Warehouse Sale are running a new promo. For 5 days, Canadian customers can choose between taking 15% off their entire order. Here are the details:

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  • Coupon Code: SAVEGWS
  • Discount: 15% off
  • Expires: 11th December 2009

In addition to the above discounts, each day of the week they will be marking down 2 items that could be great Christmas gifts. For example, on Monday they are featuring the Swiss Army woman's watch with mother-of-pearl face, and diamond (real) bezel that retails for $1095, for $395 - then you could apply your coupon code for another 15% off. On Tuesday, they will be featuring the Swiss Army Golf Tool that retails for $70, for $30.

So it might be worth keeping an eye on this week, to see if there are good bargains that can be used in conjunction with the promo codes.


  • teddybear
    The free shipping code isn't recognized but the 15% does. Shipping charges start at $27 FYI.
  • Anna
    Thanks :) I've just updated the post - they were having a site issue and had to withdraw the free shipping. Just the 15% now :)
  • Krista
    Hi, Shipping charges don't start at $27 - the rates vary depending on where you are and what you order, both in terms of size and weight and what type of shipping option you select - standard, express, UPS... For example, to ship a watch to Victoria BC by Express Post is approximately $12.49 To ship an Air Conditioner to Ottawa is approximately $28.00 It all depends. We ship products all across Canada and because our prices are so low, it's worthwhile. For example. today's door crasher is the woman's mother-of-pearl face, diamond bezel Swiss Army watch. You can go on-line and buy it from an American site for over $1000USD right now, with no warranty, and pay duty - or you can buy it from us. We usually retail it for $455 Canadian (already a fab deal), but today only it's on special for $395. Then you apply the 15% off code of SAVEGWS making it $335! You won't find a better price anywhere! We're trying hard to be the Canadian source for fabulous products at fabulous prices.

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