Fast Tech: Touch Screen Gloves $1.93 US & Free Shipping


If you are freezing your fingers off this winter while you walk in the snow and text on your cell phone, then pick up an inexpensive pair of Capacitive Screen Touching Hand Warmer Gloves from FastTech. The gloves are only $1.93 US with free shipping to Canada.

A few price comparisons showed me that DX Dealextreme sells them for $2.86 (on sale) and most other companies have the same or comparable gloves for $5 or more.

The gloves come with silver tips on your thumbs and first two fingers. The silver tips (made with silver filigree) are touch screen compatible so those fingers can communicate with any touch screen device. You can input your password, check your email, adjust the volume on your phone, and change the song that is playing. You can even text a friend while wearing your gloves.

The gloves (they come as a pair) are one size fits all, as they are super stretchy. They have a nice thick cuff that is comfortable on the wrist. I know this because I actually own a pair of these. My hands are super sensitive to the cold and tend to be the first thing to freeze when I am outside. However, I often navigate via GPS as I now live in a new town, in a new province. These gloves have come in very useful for being able to use my Google Maps on my iPhone while still being able to wear gloves at the same time.

The gloves are also very nice for driving on errands. I use my phone and an aux cable to play music in my car. I also wear gloves in the winter because the steering wheel is very cold. This way I do not need to take off my gloves to set up or change the music in my car.

You can also choose from different colours! The brown and the pink gloves are also only $1.93 each.

There are a few reviews like this one:

Cheap gloves, 3 screen touching fingers make their job. Will not be usable for years but so cheap... My son loves them.

I would like to remind you that you do get what you pay for. These are not gloves that will keep your hands warm in -25 degree weather. Neither are they the best quality gloves. However, they are an inexpensive solution to a common problem.

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  • Kristy R.
    I like to layer this kind of glove under a pair of thicker fingerless gloves. Perfect combo!

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