Entertainment Books: All Books $15 And Free Shipping

29 March 2012

All Entertainment Books are only $15 during the spring sale!

For only $15 (reg. $35 - $50), you can pick up an Entertainment Book full of coupons, deals and discounts. This low price also includes free shipping. If you'd like to pick up a second book, the price drops to just $10. So get one for your home city and pick up a second copy for a summer vacation.

The price on the Entertainment Books just keeps getting lower and lower, yet you still have all spring, summer and fall to use the coupons!  The Entertainment Books are valid until November, 2012.

Expires: 15th April, 2012

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  • MDN
    The website just says 50% off, making the one for Hamilton 17.50, not $15
  • Sarah
    Is there a promo code or something? When I get to the check out it is charging me $25, not $15! Help please.
  • Jodie
    Seems to be working fine for me. There's no coupon code needed.
    • Sarah
      What city are you selecting? I get all the way to where they are asking for my credit card information and the total still says $25.
      • Jodie
        I've tried a few cities, all work.
  • Jck
    not $15...only 50% off of $35-$50.
  • Anna Waters EDITOR
    I'll just check this, the deal might have changed overnight.
  • Anna Waters EDITOR
    Guys, try the link now. It will take you to the Winnipeg page, but I think it sets all the other cities to $15 too.
    • Sarah
      Thank you Anna - it worked! :)

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