Entertainment Book Canada: All 2012 Entertainment Books are $8.99

5 July 2012

If you have  not yet ordered one of the 2012 Entertainment coupon books, you can buy one right now for only $8.99. This offer will be available until 15th July 2012.

The regular price is $35 (or more for some locations), but they’re only $8.99 just now. Plus, if you want to pre-order next year’s book, you can actually get $5 off today’s order. Just note that you would be pre-ordering the 2013 edition for full price.

The coupons in the 2012 edition of the Entertainment Book are good until November 2012, so you’ve got the rest of the summer and autumn to make use of them. They have everything from local restaurants and attractions, to day trips, hotels, car rentals and local stores.  When you buy the book at the $35 full price it pays for itself so paying just $8.99 is a steal!  There are so many coupons in this book that I know a lot of people go in and share them with friends.

You will get free shipping on this order as well.

(Expiry: 15th July 2012)

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  • cecil
    hi just wondering if i could just get the book locally? and where? i do not mind paying more if i could just get it locally as myself and family will not be in vancouver until aug2012
    • Krista W.
      You can get these books specific for where you live. Just put in your postal code at the top and it will bring you to your city.
  • Sue
    Do you still have any 2012 Vancouver or Vancouver Island entertainment books available? If so, how much? (the 2013 might not arrive before my trip in mid Sept). Thanks!

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