Entertainment Book Canada: 10% Off 2014 Books + Free Shipping

20 October 2013


All coupons for this year's entertainment book will expire November 1, 2013. You have twelve days left to use those coupons, and then only the new book's coupons will be valid. If you haven't picked up the new book yet, then you might want to check out this offer. Get 10% off your new book plus free shipping across Canada.

The Entertainment book 'membership' gives you your 2014 book, digital access to additional coupons, and it is valid until end of Dec 2014. It looks like they are changing the expiry date!

Vancouver is our closest big city now. Their book costs $50, but with this promotion the book comes down to $45. I always found when living in a larger city that these books were well worth the cost. Between the dining out coupons, the grocery coupons like Safeway and M&M Meats, and the dry-cleaning coupons, we always saved way more on the book than we spent.

Do you buy the Entertainment Book each year? If so, which are your favourite coupons?

(Expiry: Unknown)

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