eBay Canada: 57% Off Incipio Bombproof Rugged Grenade Case for iPhone 4 $12.99 + Free Shipping

4 October 2011

If your iPhone needs protection for your children, your spouse, or even yourself: check out this Incipico Bombproof Rugged Grenade Case. Designed for the iPhone 4 this case is designed to take hard knocks, bumps and thumbs... and keep your beloved phone in one piece.. safe and sound. On sale from a Canadian distributor at eBay Canada you can get this useful case for 57% off - only $12.99 (+ tax) with free shipping.

It may not be the prettiest thing to look at (I think) but it could be very useful. It does come in 6 colours to suit your fancy and is recommended for busy moms and construction workers.

Some details:

  • Brand New Incipio Bombproof Silicone Case
  • Includes a screen protector, cleaning cloth & applicator card
  • Retains full access to all ports & buttons on the iPhone 4
  • Elevated ridges resembling a grenade, for all-encompassing high impact protection
  • Raised silicone buttons allow you to adjust the volume easily
  • Anti-static coating prevents silicone from becoming sticky
  • Fits all iPhone 4 models (Verizon, AT&T etc)

I think they should make this for all phones. I have already had to help my Dad find a replacement phone because he rolled on his, dropped it a few dozen times, cracked the screen.. then got water in the crack.. etc. He is a carpenter so something like this would just be a lifesaver. But I just don't trust him with an iPhone! lol

Ships from Canada. :-)

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  • Anna Waters EDITOR
    I like!
  • Nat
    Ironically I can't buy it from my iPhone 4...
    • Avigayil
      That is very ironic O.o
  • kenbg60
    Avigayil - just saw you had preiously published discount codes for Porter Air.. do you by any chance have some for October?? need to get a good friend from Windsor to St. Johns and back...eventually a good place to purchase "Ipad2 64gb WiFi + 3" best regards ken
    • Avigayil
      Unfortunately nothing yet.. am keeping my eyes peeled though! I would think that they would release SOMETHING in time for Thanksgiving.. like really!

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