Eat Your Photos With Boomf By Printing Instagrams Onto Marshmallows (+ Free Shipping!)

11 December 2013


Imagine being able to eat your Instagrams... oh wait, you actually can! With Boomf, you can have your Instagrams printed directly onto marshmallows, to then be savored in however way you like them: whether in hot chocolate, smores or just on their own.

A truly unique concept as it is, their brand name is equally as perplexing until you read their FAQ section, where the answer to "why is Boomf called Boomf" is given as:

Boomf is the sound of the mallows landing on your doormat.

And though there is no "about us" or company history to learn more from, turns out that they are a part of Mint Digital, a London and NY-based company that facilitates in the selling of unique products. Some of their other ventures also include Stickygram, which turns Instagram photos into fridge magnets, phone cases, and iPad covers as well as Foldable.Me, a company that creates foldable cardboard avatars.

According to numerous reviews that have popped up online recently, these marshmallows are actually really quite delicious. The only down side is that  Boomf doesn't come very cheap: about $20 for a box of 9 square bite-sized  marshmallows (4cm x 4cm), which comes up to approximately $2.22 for each piece. They would however make for a great Christmas, birthday or even gag gift and while shipping to Canada is absolutely free, you would have to order by December 12th to get your marshmallows in time for Christmas.

The question now is, would you want to print your Instagram photos onto marshmallows?

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  • Pat M.
    This is the most unique gift I've ever seen or heard of! I love it! Now if only I had money to burn, I would definitely order these for Christmas! Thank you for sharing this!
    • Sandra
      This is the most disgusting thing I've heard of. It would be equivalent to pouring the ink directly into your coffee and drinking it
    • Margarita Deviakovitch EDITOR
      Most unique but definitely not the most long-lasting :P They are indeed on the pricey side though. Hopefully one day, they'll lower the prices and make smaller/ bigger quantities available :D
  • Anna Waters EDITOR
    I think they sound fantastic. Sandra - it's not normal printer ink that they use! It would be special edible pigments... food colouring, etc, like in baking.

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