Dell Canada: Panasonic Eneloop AA & AAA Batteries (8-pack) Was $38 | Now $20 & Free Shipping


Batteries still make most electronics go round. They are necessary for everything from your television's remote control to your child's talking doll. Currently, Dell Canada is offering a great deal on eight-packs of Panasonic Eneloop rechargeable batteries. Originally $37.99 each, the AAA and AA battery packs are on sale for just $19.99 with free shipping.

Unless batteries come with an item I have purchased, rechargeable batteries are the only ones I use anymore! It is just so much cheaper to make a one-time purchase of a pack of AA and a pack of AAA batteries and a charger than replace batteries every year.

I price compared these batteries with Amazon Canada. The eight-pack of AAA batteries currently costs $29.82 and the AA batteries cost $28.99. I did find a pack of the AAA batteries back-ordered at for $24.99, but you would also have to pay shipping. I also checked our back records. We have seen the eight-pack of AAA batteries on sale for $20.99 before at Amazon, but that is underneath Amazon Canada's free shipping minimum thus shipping fees would also apply. This is the lowest price I have seen these battery packs.

As there are no reviews on Dell Canada, I borrowed one from

I have almost no complaints about eneloops, and have been using eneloops for years in many devices from wireless keyboards and mice to wiimotes and well, anything else that requires AA's or AAA's. I now finally have enough AAA's with this 8 pack.

Many owners commend the brand for lasting a long time and creating sustainable energy sources for their electronics. I certainly am all for rechargeable batteries and would like to see the days when disposables no longer exist. They are very toxic for the environment and Canadians are not the best at using proper battery recycling programs. Until a few years ago, I did not even know that you could, or rather should, recycle batteries.

I seem to have misplaced most of my AAA batteries, or maybe they are in electronics that I just do not use that frequently. Either way, I think a new set of batteries is in order.

(Expiry: 1st July 2015)

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