Dell Canada: $100 Off New Alienware X51 Desktop - Now $799.99

26 July 2013

Dell Canada has a nice deal on this brand new Alienware X51 desktop computer! Get $100 off the regular price of $899.99 and pay only $799.99.

This is not the base model of the X51 either - oh no. This one features:

  • 4th Gen Intel Core i5 processor
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 1 TB hard drive

What I also love about this model over the base model (which is $100 less, has a slower processor and less RAM) is that you get the option of which operating system you want. The base model comes with Windows 8, and if you hate Windows 8 - well, it sucks to be you. However, this model for $799.99 comes with either Windows 7 or Windows 8. When you are customizing your system, you can choose which operating system you want. It doesn't cost you anything extra for either. If you skip the customization process, then you will get the computer with its default: Windows 7.

I totally want one of these. But with an Alienware laptop (my pride and joy) I just don't see a reason to go to the desktop... yet.

Enjoy free shipping on all Dell orders.

(Expiry: 2nd of August 2013)

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