Chapters Canada: The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set $32.60 (Was $59.97)

12 December 2011

I wanted to post about this deal earlier, but it went out of stock really fast! Now the set is back in stock. Get The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set for only $37.60 - was $59.97. A great gift for anyone who has enjoyed the books or who wants to read them. Remember to also use the Chapters coupon code OLDEC11 to receive an extra $5 bringing the total price down to only $32.60 (and you get free shipping!).

I have never read the series so I really can't say much about it, but it has a TON of positive reviews, just read a few from Chapters:

Wow! Is all I have to say about the Hunger Games series of books! What fun and exciting storylines and the characters are fantastic! I reccomend to everyone!


I didn't have any expectations when I bought this series but while I was reading it, I just fall in love with the story and the caracters. It's well written, the plot is good and it's not just a romance or war, it includes both so it's not a chick book!!!


This set is gorgeous !! If you love the books it is totally worth owning.

Just think of this under the christmas tree with a special someone's name on it!

Have you red the series? what did you think?

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  • kimmeh
    Don't tell him, but I bought this for hubby on Cyber Monday so I could read it afterwards... tee hee ;)
  • Trun
    I have yet to meet someone who has NOT enjoyed Hunger Games, of any age or reading preference. My dad reads maybe 5 books a year, and 3 of them this year were the Hunger Games (the other 2 were Master and Commander and Into Thin Air).

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