Chapters Canada: Free Shipping No Minimum

Enjoy free shipping with absolutely no minimum spend at Chapters Canada for four days only.

This is the perfect time to get that sole book you have been wanting to buy for ages, but it never cost enough for minimum shipping. I have a book like that, and even my husband is eager to read it. We actually both read a web-comic called Gunnerkrigg Court and it is one of the few series I love enough to pick up the books.  So, during this free shipping offer I will be buying Gunnerkrigg Court Volume 4: Materia for $17.87 to get that beautiful free shipping.

This is also the best time to totally invade the cheap stuff in the sale section! You can pick up any of the following and get it shipped to you for free. No minimums to worry about!

The sale section has items up to 75% off their original prices like the items above. There is so much more, too!

This offer excludes the usual overweight/over-sized items that the usual free shipping with $25 excludes.

(Expiry: 26th August 2013)

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