Canada Post: Free Pierre Pierre Belvédère Red Notebook ($17 Value) With Postage-Paid Postcards $2.50 Purchase & Free Shipping (GLITCH?)



Need a postcard or stamps? Then hurry up and order them from because for a limited time, you can get a free Pierre Belvédère red notebook, valued at $16.95, with purchase of any anniversary product, such as the 2015 Canadian flag postage-paid postcards for $2.50. Shipping is free as well.

Once you add the postcards for $2.50 to your cart, the Pierre Belvédère notebook will automatically appear in your cart. To view it, simply click "view" on the side of the page, above the big blue checkout button (but only when you have added the stamps to your cart). Unfortunately, it won't work to see what exactly the notebook consists of but I did find a nearly identical one at That one is currently priced at $16.25 and includes daily journal, address and expense pages for a total of 154 pages. My assumption would be that the one at Canada Post includes the same amount of pages but you never know!

canadapost-postcardsNow this is where it gets tricky (or should I say, glitchy): I mentioned that the notebook will be automatically added to your cart but once you go to actually check out, Canada Post's system will indicate that one of the items in your cart is unavailable. This is supposedly in reference to the notebook but many Moosers have reported that they were still able to both complete the transaction and to see the notebook as being included on their invoice.

So basically, complete this order at your own risk! If you need postcards or stamps anyways, then I think it's most certainly worth trying to get the notebook, especially since Canada Post's system does seem to be pushing the orders through. No word on how much longer this will last though, so if I were you, I would complete the order quickly. If you happen to not receive the notebook, despite your invoice including it, then you could always try to raise the issue with Canada Post directly in the hopes of either getting the notebook later anyways or maybe trying to get a discount. ;)


  • Anna W.
    Nice deal!!!
  • Sue
    Oooh, I do hope that comes - nice deal, indeed! If not, it is a score anyways, if you are shipping the postcard international since postage is $2.50 so the postcard is basically free :)
  • Sue
    It is trying to charge me $2.99 shipping - anyone else?
  • Sue
    I don't see Canada Post listed in the free shipping stores listed at the above link?
    • Margarita D.
      Hi Sue, I just tried it again and it's still giving me the option of free shipping. It could be charging you for shipping because of where you're located.
  • Sue
    Hmm, Nanaimo, BC, not really rural!
  • Sue
    Tried Victoria, still charging... odd?
  • Avigayil M.
    Create a Canada Post account. I heard somewhere that it removes the shipping charge.
  • Susanne L.
    Interesting - created an account, added the postcard, and where the notebook was previously, there is only the one item (postcard). Weird?
    • Susanne L.
      Should have said that the shipping IS free - so are you guys logging in to your account, seeing the notebook, AND shipping or would it be an either or - have to think about whether the notebook is worth paying the $2.99 shipping fee or not if that is the case :)
  • Bonnie
    Looks like the notebook is no longer available, as it is not attaching to the postcard order any more.
  • Susanne L.
    UPDATE: Even though my (email) order invoice listed the notebook, today, my postage paid postcard arrived.... alone :) Oh well, going to mail it to my sister over in England - no money lost!
  • Susanne L.
    Interesting update to this one. Today I got an email from canada post - shipping notification red notebook :) We'll see what happens!?
    • Anna W.
      That took a while!!

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