Cadbury Crème Egg Was $1 | Now 37 cents & Free Shipping + Assorted Easter Candy Reduced @ (Expired)

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Quick, grab yourself a treat! Do some bunny shopping early and score single Cadbury Crème Eggs at a steal. These eggs were $1 but now are only 37 cents per egg. These treats will be delivered directly to your home free with no minimum for shipping.

**That was a hot deal that went fast! All prices have returned back to the original retail values.

Walmart has their Cadbury Cream Eggs on clearance now, long before the first hard boiled egg hits the dye. Perhaps this is an error to have a discount this low still this far before Easter. It means you need to grab some sweets for your basket at a steal of a deal quickly. I do not expect this deal to last long, so if you want them grab them now.

If you were to walk into almost any drug store or grocery store right now, you would most likely pay between $1.10 and $1.50 per Cadbury egg. I was at my local store earlier this week and noticed the displays were purposely blocking me getting easily to the cash. If you were to buy these eggs online, sells them for $1.48 per egg. The minimum for free shipping is $25, and that will take quite a few eggs to ship them free. will sell you 12 eggs for $25 with free shipping, or $2.09 per egg. Buy these at Walmart quick before you end up paying full retail for your treats.

You can choose between several other discounted Easter treats for your basket. Browse all the chocolate if you are doing some seriously quick bunny shopping. Make sure to browse further down, as there are some other hidden goodies. Here are the steals I am seeing that you might consider throwing in your cart:

Do your bunny shopping before these deals are gone. With free shipping and no minimum, you can even send yourself a little treat from the bunny himself in the mail.

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  • Martin
    «In Stock» on the site, «Out of stock» when it's time to pay cart... Holy Shit! N'importe quoi!

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