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I have always been a big fan of Dr Seuss - ever since I was a little kid. I was raised on his books and still remember many of my favourites like Wacky Wednesday. Right now, Book Depository is offering 50% off a large selection of Dr Seuss books in paperback. Originally $12.44, they are now on sale for $6.20 each with free shipping.

I cannot link directly to just those books, but scroll a little over halfway down that link and you will see them. There is a pretty sweet selection of Dr Seuss on sale as well - I counted 16 books in total! These are a great way to add in missing books to your child's Dr Seuss collection. There are some real classic books in this sale. As I mentioned before, Wacky Wednesday was a personal favourite of mine - as was I Can Read with My Eyes Shut. I know a restaurant named after the book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish - the restaurant actually serves fish so it is a really cool ode to Dr Seuss.

There are also many books I did not know about and, thus, did not read as a kid. I Wish That I Had Duck Feet is a completely new one for me, as is Mr.Brown Can Moo! Can You?. I can moo, but not very well. I am guessing this book teaches barnyard sounds... but you will have to read it to find out.

Out of the 'new to me titles', I am most interested in Dr.Seuss's Sleep Book It might be a great read for adults and kids alike as it is full of sleepy creatures that are yawning away. I think I need this book to help me get to sleep some nights!

If you like The Cat in The Hat, then try The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. This is the return of the cat who wears a hat - but will the children be glad he is back? This is just a taste of the Dr Seuss books you can pick up.

This is the softcover version so it is hard to price compare as Amazon and Chapters sell the hardcover versions. However, I could not find Wacky Wednesday for any less than $11.39 here so I know this is a good deal.

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