Bench Canada: Free Shipping & Returns on Denim

7 September 2012

Bench Canada's website is offering free shipping and returns on all denim.

There isn't a huge selection of denim. Though men's is certainly more varied in style than the women's denim. For women your choice is pretty much slim, skinny, or slim boot which are pretty much the same thing. There is nothing curvy. Men get a choice of skinny, bootcut and straight. Both men's and women's denim is priced between $89 - $99.

This sale is kinda odd though. Right now they have a promo on where if you spend $69 or more you get free shipping anyway. Since the denim is over $69 it doesn't make complete sense. Perhaps the real value in the sale is the free returns. There is this wonderful clause in their returns page:

If an item is returned for refund, and it was originally sent to you with free shipping, the Company may deduct the cost of standard shipping from the refunded amount, unless we were at fault.

So this deal allows you to return your jeans, whatever reason (wrong colour, bad fit, your girlfriend said they make you look fat) and you don't pay to return them, and no deductions on your refund.

Expiry: 10th, September 2012

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  • Kelly
    I think you misread this, that clause says that they will deduct the shipping amount from your refund unless it was their screw up (sent wrong size/colour/etc), meaning you pay for it, it's not free.
    • Avigayil M.
      That is the general policy, yes. But denim is exempt from that right now because of the free return offer.

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