Baby Clearance from only $1.20 Plus TOTALLY Free Shipping @ The Children’s Place Canada Now!


We’ve posted a few deals from The Children’s Place in the last week or so, as they had a limited time “free shipping” promo happening. Well, I clicked through this morning to see that they’ve changed it to “August is free shipping month.” That’s even better! The prices on kid’s clothing and accessories on there are completely fabulous and the hot deals deserve to be written about. I was browsing the baby clearance section to see that prices start at only $1.50 – or $1.20 when you apply the 5CB7FY20 coupon code. And that’s with free shipping! Deeeee-cent.

Don’t forget to use the coupon code 5CB7FY20 on all the items below – I am writing the prices with that coupon code included.

In the clearance section, The Children’s Place states that there is up to 80% off those items. I am not 100% sure which item is marked at the 80% level, but I did spot items at 75% and once the 20% coupon is added on, the overall discount is 80%.

To show you some deals, I’m just going to fire out a few lists of baby clothing in various categories.

PJ Sets








* Anna gets broody just looking for deals on baby clothing *

Some of those items would also make for fantastic baby gifts, especially the swaddle blankets.

If you are expecting a baby, then just jump on these hot deals now. If you know someone who’s due soon, please share this blog post with them too. Thanks Moosers!

(Expires: various, FS expired 31st August 2015)

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