Apple Store Canada: 33% Off Refurbished 7th Gen iPod Nanos - Now $99

15 August 2013

I seriously need a new iPod. I do not know what generation my iPod Touch is, but I am estimating a 2nd or 3rd generation. However, paying full price? Not my thing. So, it is fabulous that Apple Canada has a bunch of refurbished iPod Nanos on sale for 33% off their original price! Originally $149, the 16GB iPod Nano is on sale for $99!

The only question left is: which colour to choose? EEK! I totally love the array of colours they have, but I am especially fond of the green.

The only thing I don't like is that it now has the Lightning connector for power. I have a sweet iHome stereo system that has the old connector, and it would be a pain to get a converter, and it would look weird, too. However, I must catch up with the times eventually. Anyone know of some simple converters?

What I do love about refurbished Apple products is that they are all covered by Apple's one-year limited warranty, and you can still buy protection plans for them.

These ship for free from Apple Canada.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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