Amazon Student: 6-Months of Free 2-Day Shipping

15 July 2014


Amazon finally has brought the Amazon Student program to Canada. Students can sign up with a valid student email address to get FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime on eligible purchases (with no minimum required) for six months and e-mail alerts for discounts and promotions.

After the six months of free two-day shipping from Amazon Canada, your Student Prime account will automatically renew unless you choose to unsubscribe. However, instead of paying the full price of $79 per year, students will only pay $39 per year for Amazon Prime. However, once you graduate (or at the end of four years), your subscription will automatically renew to the full prime cost of $79 unless you choose to unsubscribe. To sign up for your free six-months of Amazon Student Prime, you will need to:

  • have an Amazon Canada account
  • be a college, university or CEGEP student enrolled in at least one course
  • be able to provide proof of enrollment if requested
  • have a valid college, university, or CEGEP email address (and access to that account)

I am officially still a student, as I do not graduate until November, so I signed up for this offer with my student email address. It was very simple. I just needed to have access to my email address to confirm my subscription. I actually have my student email forwarded to my regular email address and I was able to confirm my account by clicking through the link in the forwarded email.

This offer is available across the country, but it is done slightly different for residents of Quebec. If you are schooling in Quebec, you can sign up for Amazon Student and you will receive an 18-month membership with the first 6 months at no charge. They will not bill your credit card until the first six months are over, and you can cancel at any time.

For students, this is thrilling. I have purchased many of my textbooks on in the past when two-day shipping would have been super handy. I also love books, my husband loves movies, and together we place a purchase or two at about once or twice a month. Two-day shipping is certainly going to lessen the time we have to wait between ordering and receiving. I just need to mark down in my calendar what date I should be cancelling my subscription so it does not auto-renew.

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  • Joe
    This is a terrible way for students to be initiated in the consumer driven society. Just as credit card companies do their best to sign up students by offering incentives Amazon has now learnt a new trick. We should not encourage this
    • Avigayil M.
      You present very valid points Joe, but good parents will teach kids about proper credit card use and consumerism. I had a joint credit card with my parents at age 14 and currently live debit free because I was taught proper money management skills. At the same time, just because someone is a student doesn't mean they are green - fresh out of high school. I worked for five years before entering university, and such incentives like this, when properly managed, really help out students.
  • Alexandra
    Thanks for the great deal, I'm signing up right away. Howver: the link was made incorrectly and sends you to, might want to fix that! Thanks again.
    • Eva W.
      Thanks for letting us know Alexandra! It is fixed now.

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