Amazon Canada: JAWBONE UP24 Fitness Tracker From $65!


I just stumbled across a great fitness tracker deal on Amazon Canada. Select sizes/colours of the JAWBONE UP24 are on sale from $159.99 down to $65+ depending on size and colour (and supplier). This is a HOT deal given that these devices are $139+ everywhere else!

Let me give you a rundown on what is available. First of all, there are some that are both sold from and shipped from Amazon. These would be my preference as Amazon is a trusted seller:

  • Red (medium) - $69.99
  • Persimmon (small) - $65.58
  • Pink Coral (small) $69.99

That covers most wrist sizes so if you are not picky on colour - you can score one of those. There is also two others on sale but they are sold by Belgate Canada and fulfilled by Amazon. It is sold by a Canadian company so no worries about a knock-off from China. You can pick up:

  • Persimmon (large) - $64.95
  • Persimmon (medium) - $64.95

There you go - the full size range of these awesome fitness trackers for such a LOW price. Under $70 is pretty much unheard of right now as these are the UP24 models. The same fitness trackers currently cost $139.99 @ The Source, Sport Chek, and The Shopping Channel.

What does this little baby do? Well, it tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, and active vs. idle time. It also has a sleep monitor, which looks after your total hours asleep, time to fall asleep, and number of wake ups. It reports everything to you in the morning so you know just how well you slept the night before. It also has a pretty cool logging feature for food where you can track what you eat and drink. Simply take a photo, scan a barcode, or search the UP app database to add foods.

This sports tracker can also act as an alarm. The smart Alarm system will wake you up from sleep softly and there is even a power nap feature.

Now, I know some of you like the newest, best, greatest things ever. There is a newer model of this just recently released! Amazon Canada has the Jawbone UP2 Activity Tracker on sale from $119.99 down to $99.99. It is a bit hard to find in Canada, but Best Buy still has it at $119.99.

All of these will receive free shipping as they are over $25.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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