Amazon Canada: 4TB Seagate External USB 3.0 For Only $150

26 March 2013

Amazon is bringing the major work for this deal. Get some serious storage with serious speed for almost nothing!

There aren't many deals I put on here that I think are can't miss deals for everyone. Yeah, sometimes I put on a deal that is a can't miss for anyone who is a gamer or for any hipsters in the crowd, but very few are blanket deals that everyone should take advantage of. This is one of those deals. I guess if you don't have a computer, you won't want this deal but most people reading this have a computer. 4TB of storage is huge and this price really is great. I paid over $100 for the 1TB drive that I use. Actually I bought two of them, so I spent over $200 for half as much storage as this deal can get me for only $149.99. The MSRP is $279.99 so you're saving $140.

The drive itself is good, too. It's a Seagate and USB 3.0, which are both bonuses. A lot of these enclosures, especially the ones around this price point, have lesser brand name drive inside. Seagate has consistently been a top quality hard  drive manufacturer. USB 3.0 is the new standard and is very, very fast. Amazon and Seagate could easily have just put up a cheap-o USB 2.0 drive they have left over in a warehouse somewhere.

Shipping is free!

(Expires: 1st April 2013)

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  • Chris
    Shows as $256.97 when I click the link, and sold by a third party, not Amazon. Also, Seagate has used lesser drives in its enclosures in past. Last year there was a 2TB Seagate drive (cheap at Staples) listed here on BargainMoose that used a 5400RPM WD Green drive inside. Hardly a workhorse, but fine for mass storage.
    • Shawn M.
      Hey Chris The link is working fine for me. Try this one. I'm out right now so I can't check the link myself. I'll see if one of our lovely editors can check on it.
  • Anna Waters EDITOR
    Fine here too Chris...

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