$1000 Free Jewellery @ Florence Scovel Jewelry With This Promo Code! (EXPIRED)


* UPDATE - everyone have a read of the comments in the thread below please. Needless to say, we will not be posting about this company on Bargainmoose again.

Want free jewellery worth up to $1,000? OF COURSE you do, so keep reading to find out how you can score Florence Jewelry of the month for free. Shipping is free too!

Click here to get free jewellery @ FlorenceScovelJewelly.com now

  • Coupon Code: BFCLUB4U
  • Discount: free jewelry of the month club
  • Expiry: Unknown

To be quite honest, I had zero hopes of this Florence Scovel Jewellery coupon code working as advertised. Clicking over to their website, I fully expected that my order total would remain the same and that a red error message would pop up, thereby crushing my dreams of obtaining free jewellery.

But Moosers, no such thing happened. After plugging the promo code, this happened:


The order total dropped to $0. Yes, zero with free shipping to boot!

Even more incredible is that I tried the above coupon code on all 3 of the available jewelry of the month clubs and it worked on ALL of them, including the platinum one!! This is amazing because they usually cost:

  • $19 Florence Jewelry of the month: up to $200 worth of jewellery
  • $49.99 Premium Jewelry of the month: up to $500 worth of jewellery
  • $99.99 Platinum Jewelry of the month: up to $1000 worth of jewellery

Which one you should get is a no brainer! All of their jewellery is handmade, which means that you can expect some rather stunning handiwork.

Keep in mind that since the jewellery from Jewelry of the Month Club is shipped in the first week of every month, if you order now, there is a chance that you may get it before Christmas. This is only a chance, so I wouldn't rely on it 100% if you're looking to give this as a Christmas gift.

You may have read Eva's post about our two Bargainmoose exclusive promo codes for Florence Jewellery, the first being for a 20% discount on any order and the other being for $5 off. You can read her post to find out which code you're better off using in what instances, but if after you receive your free jewellery, you're satisfied with the quality and want to get more, make sure to use those codes to save on your order! There is even a possibility to get free jewellery with those codes as well if you use them right.

Important Information

As with any subscription-based freebie, you will need to opt out of the club once your free jewellery arrives. You can cancel any time but do make sure to do it (unless you want more jewellery that is) because your credit card will automatically be charged the following month.

And it's possible that this jewellery isn't really worth over $1000 per se, but does it matter? Free is free!


  • Angie
    I tried again..doesn't work anymore =(
    • Margarita D.
      Hi Angie! I just tried and it still works for me. Make sure to write the code as is at checkout without any extra spaces. What do you mean by again though? Did you try to get this freebie twice? It's probably limited to one per household.
  • Shabina D.
    Hey! This is absolutely awesome! Thank you so much!!! I just had a quick question, I was looking under subscriptions and it says next bill date:December 2nd, 2014. Does this mean I need to cancel it before then otherwise I'll get charged the monthly amount? Or is that the billing date for the free one? Thank you again!
    • Margarita D.
      Hi Shabina, I just e-mailed them about it to find out! I'll keep you posted on their reply :)
  • Anna W.
    Excellent find Margarita!
  • suzy v.
    this is an email I just sent to them (I will also go to my subscription on Dec.1 and cancel so that I wont be billed on the 2nd for the following months worth) As soon as my $1000 worth of free jewelry has been shipped ( I ordered it today using the discount code the order totaled $0 including shipping), please cancel my account, so I am no longer committed to the monthly program and will not be billed on Dec.2, 2014 for the following months order. Also, can you please email me back to confirm that you received this email. correspondence.
    • jane
      sorry guys, I;m a little confused. I subscribed to their 20 membership (scared to do the other ones incase I cant cancel) so do I pick out the 3 jewellery species, or are they randomly picked for me? also, has anyone tried cancelling successfully? I dont want to get stuck with a monthly charge! thank!
      • Chelle
        I would like to know this too!
        • Anna W.
          From the looks of it, it's is random picks in their monthly selections.
  • Chris F.
    This worked for me too!! I can hardly wait til I see what I get. My subscription tells me that the next billing date will be Dec 2, but that the amount to be billed on that date will be $0.00, so I think this is simply info about the next shipping date and that we won't be billed for anything. I'm assuming that one would have to cancel after that date to avoid further charges. Thanks for this iitem!
  • Sara
    This did not work for me either it says unable to find discount matching the code :(
  • Wendy
    It looked like it was going to work, but when I went to checkout it said the code was invalid.
  • Anna W.
    I've just tried it again guys, it seems to be working fine.
  • AM
    Thank you so much for this coupon code! I did try it earlier, but I think I filled in a few fields incorrectly - spaces in the phone and postal code, which caused it to not go through. I just tried it again - no spaces for phone and postal code. And it worked. Looking forward to seeing what turns up in the mail. Thank you again!
  • Mary
    Great find! Just to be clear, if I order the $99.99 for $1000 worth of jewelry, with the coupon codes I should be receiving it all for free ?
  • Janet
    Has anyone heard if we should go in and cancel today? I am getting nervous that we will get charged? thanks
  • RMC
    I just signed up today with the coupon code and it also says that the next billing cycle is tomorrow?! Has anyone heard back from customer service?
  • lamariposavioleta
    Their customer service is somewhat notoriously slow….I had a long delay in my first order with them, a lot of people did….the best result I found was posting POLITELY on their Facebook page. I too would like to know when we are supposed to cancel.
  • Annie
    so i just tried logging into their website with the email address and password i signed up with but got rejected saying that my email was never registered.. is anyone else getting this? wanted to log in and cancel the subscription in case i get charged tomorrow...
    • Julie
      I am getting that as well. Maybe they realized they made a mistake on allowing their $1000 subscription to be part of the deal, and figured it would be easier just to wipe everyone out of their system? Sketchy either way. I just hope my credit card info is gone too!!
      • Margarita D.
        Hi Annie and Julie, I checked on my phone and I couldn't log in or reset my password either. I just tried on my computer as my log in information was automatically saved and I'm happy to report that I was able to get into my account. Whereas when I first subscribed, it said 100% off and billed on Dec. 2. Now it simply says $99.99/month billed on Jan. 2. So, fingers crossed that this code actually does work and we all get our promised jewellery! Just make sure to cancel if that's what you were planning on doing! :D
        • Julie
          I signed up from my iPad, so no info saved on the computer. But! I did find out how to get into the subscription section with our info. At the bottom of the page (tablet, phone, or computer), click on "Month Club". There should be a link on the top of the subscription packages that says "already have an account". I was able to input my e-mail an password that I signed up with and it logged me in. It might be a bit of a maze to get into your account, but I think I can sleep now knowing that I still have access to make changes if I need to! Thanks Margarita!
          • Margarita D.
            That's great news! I'm happy you got into your account Julie! Let me know if you get the jewellery. :)
          • Erin
            Thank you Julie! I just thought to check here after having no luck contacting the company for login assistance. IWK as unable to sort it out before the billing date and have now been charged for a month of the subscription. I am SO angry!! Partly at myself for hit being more diligent, partly at them for being a horrid company to deal with! Jewelry is garbage also.
          • Julie
            Oh no! They way they have the log in is so sketchy, it's almost like they are hoping to dupe people. I cancelled on the 27th, I figured with no correspondence and the blank "thank you for signing up" email, that it was too good to be true. I did purchase a couple of pieces before this monthly club deal, and I agree that they are cheaply made...bulk pieces from overseas. So yes, probably handmade, but for pennies a day those poor souls. They sent me a "we miss you" email, so I shot back at them that I will not be back, and probably a lot of other potential new repeat customers that signed up for this specifically. So far no reply on that either though, but it's not like I'm surprised haha. Hopefully you can make some of your money back
  • AM
    I'd like to thank you too, Julie, for sharing how to log in to manage our subscription! I thought I was the only one having an issue. Thank you for being persistent and figuring it out, Julie. :)
  • Annie
    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone got a confirmation email about their order? i got an email saying thanks for registering in the subject line and the rest of the email was empty. Just wondering if anyone else got that!
  • RMC
    I also got that blank confirmation email. I did try contacting their customer service the very next day of when I signed up 11 days ago - but haven't heard anything yet,. My current account shows that on Jan 2 it looks like they will charge my account. I'm planning on cancelling it Dec 28 just in case.... Has anyone else heard from their customer service or have experience with this monthly subscription company?
  • Julie
    Has anyone received their package yet, or any e-mail stating the status?
    • Shabina D.
      I was wondering the same thing... I definitely haven't :(
  • karen
    I haven't received anything either and I'm beginning to think there isn't really going to be any free jewelry. I will be cancelling my account on Dec 28th to avoid any charges.
  • AM
    I'm officially disappointed with Florence Scovel. Tomorrow would have been the next billing date/shipping date and nothing has arrived in the mail. This company really dropped the ball with this opportunity. They could have plenty of new subscribers to their highest end plan but who in their right mind is going to stay subscribed to a service when they haven't received anything?!?!?! Not to mention the positive word of mouth they have lost through this blunder. :(
  • Patricia
    I also signed up for this promotion. I never received anything, and sent them an email on Dec. 28th to cancel, with no response. On January 1st, my card was charged for $120. I have not heard back from them, and am now going to have to pursue a chargeback with my CC company. This company is super shady and I am NOT happy that they have my personal and credit card information at this point.
  • Trisha
    Has anyone received their jewellery? I know I haven't
    • Erin
      Arrived today. Complete JUNK!
  • erin
    I just received mine...junk! I am trying to login to cancel the subscription and it won't acknowledge my email.
    • Erin
      Further to this, I haven't been able to login, nor have I received a response from the company. I too was charged $120, but because I have no proof that I sent them anything to cancel, I am out of luck. I put a stop payment on any further charges. Phone number given to me by my credit card company is 416-706-3702...response but very dodgy. Said he would "Pass my concerns to the manager (Bivya)" who does not take personal calls. PLEASE do not promote anything further from this VERY sketchy company!!!!
    • Elizabeth
      Make sure you are not try to log in from the main page. I had the same issue, but Julie posted the steps to log in earlier in this thread. 1. Scroll down the page and click "Month club" 2. Where you see the 3 club options just above the Platinum option it says "Already have an account? Click that 3. Now try to log in. 4. Click on "My Subscriptions" 5. You should see your subscriptions and you should be able to hit cancel.
  • Anna W.
    I finally got a reply from customer service. I pointed them to all the concerned customers in this thread, and they said, " This promotion is for our Jewelry Club. The Jewelry club needs to be purchased and products of up to $1000 in value will be shipped to customers every month who sign up for the specific jewelry clubs. " So obviously, not addressing the issue at all.
  • Rachelle
    When I signed up (way back when) I never got any emails from the company, could not log back in so I sent an email cancelling 3 days later, didn't care if I got the jewelry I just didn't want to be charged. I received a package yesterday with total crap jewelry so I went into my credit card statement online and was charged for $120ish. I sent them an unhappy email and got a response 2 hours later saying.. " Your request has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff. To add additional comments, reply to this email." I sent them another email asking for a credit on my card since I HAD cancelled... and they could have the product back. No response yet. I am on hold with my credit card company right now, I really hope they can help!!!
  • Elizabeth
    I have not received anything yet, but it's nice to hear someone finally did. I signed up on November 30th, sent a Facebook message December 23 which received no response - I understand it was 2 days before Christmas so it easily could have been missed. Cancelled membership December 28. Sent another Facebook message January 5, received a reply January 8th say it had shipped and providing me a tracking link. The link was for a shipment that occurred before I had even joined and went to the USA, I live in Canada. I replied immediately with this info letting them know that tracking couldn't be for me. Received response today (Jan 13) saying that was the shipping info provided for the account with my name. I replied saying there must be another member with the same name as me because as I stated earlier this shipment happened before I had signed up. I then gave them my shipping address. I just got a reply asking me what I had ordered. I told them (again) it was the Platinum Jewelry of the Month Club. This is not going well...I own a store and know it can be tough to keep up with things when it gets busy, emails get missed and mistakes happen. I don't understand how subsequent interactions can ignore the information I just provided them - such as the fact that the tracking link was for before my registration date - yet they insist that is the address I provided them.

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