Today’s Parent Magazine Subscription: 1 Year For $17.95 + 2 Bonus Issues

If you are a parent and interested in subscribing to a magazine with helpful articles and tips, Today's Parent might just be your thing.

Right now Today's Parent (in conjunction with Giant Tiger) is offering a really nice promotion: A 1 year subscription to their magazine for just $17.95 and they will throw in 2 bonus issues! So you will get 14 issues of Today's Parent for a mere $17.95! Including tax (calculated at 5%) that is $18.85. TodaysParent

You are paying only $1.35 PER issue (based on all 14 issues including tax). That is an amazing deal! News stand price is over double that! In fact this is nearly 70% off news stand price.

Taxes per provinces:

Total including taxes:

gst $18.85;
in QC: $20.26;
in NB, NF, ON: $20.28;
in BC, MB: $22.25;
in NS $20.64

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  • Kris
    I have a subscription, but won't be renewing. They have become a lot less breastfeeding friendly than I am comfortable with.

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