Similac Advance Formula … Want Some Discounts?

If you buy Similac Advance baby milk formula for your littl’un, make sure you use this free printable coupon to get yourself a $5 discount there.

I guess if you’ve just had a baby, you can now see how expensive it is (or so I’ve been told). A $5 discount is probably a blessing!

I’ve always found the word “Similac” quite an odd sounding term… it makes me think of ipecac… you know that substance that induces vomiting!? Not really something you want to associate with baby formula I guess! Or maybe the formula companies all include a little ipecac in their products… that would explain why babies barf so much! Well, that’s my theory.


  • jenny
    unable to open the coupon site any suggestions
  • Anna
    Hi Jenny. Working fine for me here... care to give it another try?

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