Leghuggers Coupon & Review


Leghuggers Canada is offering a special discount deal if you buy 2 of their baby leghuggers - you will get a 3rd set for free!

Click here to shop online @ Leghuggers.com

  • Coupon Code: 1cent
  • Discount: Buy 2 get 3rd free
  • Expires: 17th December 2009

A friend of mine got the chance to try out some cute baby leg huggers from Leghuggers.com. Here is a quick review of the product.

We’ve had our leg huggers for a couple of weeks now and my daughter loves them. She sees them in her room and waits for me to put them on her. She’ll often run around the house in her leg huggers instead of pants.

The only thing I noticed that would be nice would be if they would stay up on her thighs, it doesn’t seem to take long and the leggings are just below her knees. It’s still super cute but her legs get cool a little quicker.

The pics at the top of this post are of my friend's kid, sporting the new leg huggers!

Leghuggers.com is a Vancouver based store, but they ship Canada wide. You need to spend $50 for free shipping.

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