Free Udder Covers (Pay Shipping)


Since I first posted about way back in June 2009, quite a few moosers have taken up their offer of free Udder Covers. Basically, you just have to pay for the shipping, and they will send you their product for free, when you use this coupon code:

Click here to get free udder covers

  • Promo Code: Thanksgiving
  • Discount: Free udder covers
  • Expires: Unknown

Shipping via USPS costs only $9.95. The Udder Covers costs $32 normally, but the above promo code discounts them down to zero.

Some of the previous comments from Bargainmoosers:

I’ve ordered from this company several times and have always received my covers with no surprises. [Natasha]

I got one of these before I had my first child (who is now 19 months). I felt like it was brand new at the time, but now everyone I know has one! They are very nice if you are going to breastfeed. [Emily]

I ordered an uddercover and I did receive it. However, the website makes it look like a very large cover, but it is not. Using it with my 4 month and his feet still show in cradle hold. He only in the 25-50 percentile for height. [Soccerplayinggirl]

So some positives and some negatives there.

Thanks to Bargainmooser Anita!


  • Julie
    I just purchased one of these covers and the deal worked. Plus they are launching a sister site for baby slings and it provides you with a code for a free sling as well. Great deal!
    • Anna
  • joy
    I ordered one last year for a gift and now just ordered another one for a gift.They are much smaller than they picture but not a bad idea for a baby shower gift. What else can you get for $10 that they will use! I also ordered the free sling.
  • Leanne
    I ordered and received one last year and yes, they are shorter than other brands, but I discovered that I actually prefer it to my longer Hooter Hider; it covers what it needs to and folds down smaller :) I took it to Europe with me for a month and it was perfect! Now I use the longer one just as a sunshade draped over the stroller. Who cares if people see your baby's feet? They're cute sticking out and then you don't look like a giant lump of fabric. I also ordered the baby sling and received it, but I haven't tried it out with the babe yet :)

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