Feather Baby & Silly Souls Clothing & Accessories up to 64% off, Potential Free $10 Coupon & FS on $50+ @ Beyond the Rack!!


Beyond the Rack often has amazing events, many times featuring items that just aren’t available from other stores based in Canada. That’s what’s happening today on a couple of brilliant ranges of baby clothing brands – Feather Baby and Silly Souls! You can save up to 64% on some of this amazing baby clothing! Ideal Christmas gifts, eh?

Remember – if you’ve never bought from Beyond the Rack before, sign up using our special coupon link here to get a free $10 credit for a brand new account!

Some of my fave pieces in these collections:

(If those direct links don't work, I am sorry - Beyond the Rack has an awkward linking system)

So with $10 baby beanies and $20 onesies, it’s probably not the sort of price range you are going to be buying for your own kids. However, I think this type of clothing is ideal as a gift and it’s exactly the type of thing that I would be buying.

I compared the prices on the Silly Souls clothing to those on their US based website here, and the Beyond the Rack prices are much better, and you also don’t have to worry about customs and duties etc. And just now, Beyond the Rack has free shipping on $50+. This would be easy to spend on the above clothing!

(Expires: Unknown)

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