Clippo: Spend $25 at Clippo and Get 10% Off at Mabel's Labels


This is a very interesting cross promotion you don't see all too often. Clippo is a Canadian company that sells clippy things for all things kid/baby related. We are talking hair clips, soother clips, toy clips, blanket clips.. and everything clips! Clip it on, so that you don't loose it. When you spend $25 at Clippo right now you will get an exclusive coupon to get 10% off your next order at Mabel's Labels.

As I mentioned, an interesting promotion. Label your stuff... and then clip it on to your kid so he/she doesn't loose it! I have never ordered from either of these companies before but I enjoy both of their websites and the entrepreneurial spirit they exude. The baby world is better for the initiatives of business people like these!

(No idea when promotion ends)


  • kim
    I've ordered from both of these companies - and been happy with my items from both! I got some super cute mitten clips and a bottle leash from clippo, and some labels for my son from mabel's - we get compliments on both all the time!
  • Lainey
    I have bought from Clippo several times...they have great products! I have tons of the hair clips:)

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