Canadian Deals: Baby Cubes @!

These are a great idea if you have a young baby! For just over 5 bucks, you can order the “baby cubes” from These are on special offer for one week only, or while stocks last. The baby cubes are priced at $5.29, which is a 12% discount on their regular price. You also get free shipping Canada-wide! Excellent!

If you don’t know what they are, they are just handy little tubs in which you can store home-made baby food. Say you make a big batch of baby food, specifically for your baby. Using these baby cubes, you can freeze small portions, and defrost them as and when you need them. It’s handy for you, plus the baby gets a variety and doesn’t have to eat the same food day after day.

I have heard of people who use ice cube trays to do a similar job, but the ice cube trays wouldn’t be sealed, like these handy little tubs.

Do you use these baby cubes? Do you like them?


  • Cristin
    Thank you for this! Currently have a 3 year old and an 11 week old at home and always looking for great children's freebies and deals. Much appreciated! I check out your site every day for the lastest stuff :)
  • Anna
    No probs Cristin. Welcome to bargainmoose!
  • willowsprite
    I did use them, they are quite handy. After these I upgraded to silicon baking cups when he needed a bigger portion!
  • Anna
    That's a good idea willow :)

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