Bug And Pickle Canada: 50% Discount Today ONLY!

I saw this tweet in my twitter feed, and I definitely think it is worth sharing!

  • Where: Online @ BugAndPickle.com
  • Coupon Code: twitter
  • Discount: 50% off!
  • Expires: Valid TODAY only

Bug And Pickle is a Canadian owned and operated site which sells lots of lotions and potions for moms and babies. Some lovely examples:

  • Baby Butter – normally $16 – would be $8 with coupon code. Bug & Pickle’s rich and healing Baby Butter soothes those extra dry or irritated patches that can plague a baby’s tender, sensitive skin.
  • Beeswax Baby Soap – normally $7 – would be $3.50 with the promo code above. Bug & Pickle’s Beeswax Baby Soap is rich with essential oils of apricot, avocado and jojoba and is also formulated with honey, lavender and sweet orange. It’s an extremely gentle soap that’s designed for babies and young children – or anyone else with sensitive skin.
  • Belly Firm – normally $20 – would be $10 with the discount code. Your new little one is your bundle of joy, but your postnatal tummy is a bundle of jelly. Bug & Pickle’s Belly Firm harnesses the power of essential oils and vitamins to tighten up stretched skin and reduce the appearance of any stretch marks or c-section scars.
  • Nipple Cream (!) – normally $14 – would be $7 with discount applied. The early days of breastfeeding can sometimes mean sore, chapped, and cracked nipples which is why Bug & Pickle created a rich lanolin-based Nipple Cream that forms a barrier to help relieve pain that may be associated with breastfeeding.

Some gorgeous products there!

I think shipping starts at only $7, and goes up depending on how much you spend. If you happen to spend $100 or more, Canadian shipping is free!!

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