Baby Leggings Discount Code: Up To 5 Free Pairs Of Baby Leggings

2 March 2014


Here's a really cool offer from Baby Leggings: use the code below to get up to 5 pairs of leggings for babies absolutely free. I know it sounds too good to be true, but they really do get reduced from $10 each down to $0. All you need to pay are shipping and handling fees of $14.95.

Click here to get free baby leggings @ now

  • Coupon Code: GM-LEGGINGS1
  • Discount: up to 5 free pairs of baby leggings
  • Expiry: Unknown

I have to admit that I was rather skeptical of this offer at first but I assure you, it is legit. Although you can only add up to 5 leggings to get them for free with this code, you can however, open a new order by either opening a new browser window (meaning that if you regularly use Internet Explorer, then open Mozilla Firefox instead) or you can just delete your cookies.

Plus, free is free and since you're only paying $14.95 for shipping and handling, that means that each pair will really only cost you $2.99, which is pretty awesome if you ask me! Although they have styles for either baby boys or baby girls, my favourite styles have to be the dancing queen and the cyrus ones. Simply click on "shop now" at the top of their main page and then hit CTRL + F to find the ones I'm talking about.

In case you're interested in more coupons for free stuff, where all you need to pay are the shipping fees, then be sure to check out Udder Covers, which offers free nursing covers, and Seven Slings, which has coupons out for free baby carriers. As for more Baby Leggings discount codes, be sure to check out our forums!

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  • Andrea
    Still a good deal, but slight correction: the price to Canada comes up at $14.95USD
  • Margarita Deviakovitch EDITOR
    Thanks Andrea! I updated the post :) Did you order any?
  • Andrea
    I did. Paid via paypal & order came to just over $17
    • Margarita Deviakovitch EDITOR
      For 5 pairs, that's really awesome! Let me know how you like them and how long they take to ship. :) I'm tempted to order some now but I think it might be best that I wait until after my baby is born (less than 2 months to go!)
  • Anna Waters EDITOR
    Just got 5 pairs through, they're very cute! My little 1 year old is starting to crawl round, and getting sore little red knees and these are perfect.

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