Shopkins Mega Pack Season 4 On Sale @ Toys R Us

Shopkins Collectors! Mega Pack On Sale!

Shopkins are one of those hot toys that sell out so quickly and are in such demand that they rarely go on sale. Right now at Toys R Us, you can pick up this Season 4 Mega Pack—which comes with 20 Shopkins, 6 Shopping bags, 1 Shopping basket, 1 Collector's guide—for $15.

I still have a hard time shelling out the crazy amounts of cash that these things cost, but both my girls are nuts for them, so when I see a set on sale (which doesn't happen often) I'll pick it up and tuck it away for a special occasion like birthdays, holidays or when they have earned a special reward for excellent behaviour or completing their weekly chores without a fight!
Gotta pay for shipping on these guys unless you spend $49 and there is a limit to 2 packs per customer so this might be the time to think about upcoming birthdays or holiday and pick up a few toys to meet the shipping minimum.
Do your kids collect Shopkins too?

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