Free Shipping in Canada: No Minimum Spend!

1 April 2013

Updated: February 2017

If you like shopping online, you'll love this list of stores currently offering free shipping in Canada! From amazon, to ebay, to vistaprint, to many more and they're all listed for you right here!

We will start off with a list of retailers that offer free shipping with no minimums, divided up by category (clothing, shoe, home, beauty, and electronics) and then you can find a list of retailers that offer free shipping with minimum purchase. Happy shopping, or should we say shipping?

Clothing Stores

If you love getting your favourite clothing styles and brand names online, you'll want to make sure to nab this list of retailers that ship in Canada for free all year long. Why would any one ever shop in-store again!?

Shoe Shopping

Shoes can be expensive... but they can also be cheap if you buy them online and get them delivered for free! Here's our list of top Canadian shoe retailers who deliver within Canada for free!

Home and Housewares

I love buying housewares online because they are a one-size-fits-all so I don't have to fret about getting the wrong size. When you can get free shipping along with your online purchase, it's a win win! These stores all offer free shipping so you can get everything from furnishings, to bath accessories, to artwork in no time and with no fee, flat:

Beauty, Health, & Fashion Accessories

Whether its beauty products like cleansers or makeup; health products like wellness supplements; or fashion accessories like eyewear, jewellery, and gloves any number of these retailers offer free shipping too!


If you like shopping online, you're probably no stranger to getting your electronics there, too. Check out these shops if you want free shipping, too!

If you want free shipping, make sure to check out our limited-time-offer free shipping deals page.

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