Countdown To Mother's Day Amazon Gift Card Giveaway! (CONTEST CLOSED)

Countdown To Mom's Day Gift Card Giveaway!

CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED—please check back soon to see our list of winners. We will be contacting winners over the next day or so via the email you provided for your Bargainmoose account. Good luck!

We heart Moms! And to show you just how much, we are giving away seven Amazon gift cards—one a day until Mother's Day!

That's right, every day this week from Monday - Saturday we will randomly select one lucky winner to take home a $50 Amazon Gift Card... and on Sunday May 8th our winner will take home a $100 card!

We can't force you to spend it on your mom, but she sure would love you for it.

Entering could not be easier, here's how:

1. Tell us in the comments below what you would give a lucky mom in your life if money were no object.

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  • Contest will close on May 8, 2016
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(Contest closes on May 8th, 2016)


  • duchess989

    I would help her downsize her home, and build/buy her the perfect house for the next stage of her life =). 

    • miarodak

      Awww... what a lucky Mom you have! Beautiful sentiment. 

  • nozomi

    I would take my mom traveling, not just quick rush sort of traveling but real ones, when you experience cultures, meet people,and enjoy life.

  • newmom

    I would fly my brother home to spend time with her!

  • Linds1

    I would retire her and buy her a house closer to her grandkids!

  • Katchu

    I'd buy her a Rolls Royce and a beautiful oceanside home in Maui.

  • rudiger

    I would buy my mum a new vehicle.

  • Contention

    If money were no object I'd give her a fully paid retirement so that she could live the rest of her life without worrying about work or bills

  • Anastasia06

    a cure for MS

  • laneybabe

    A weekend away full of spa fun, food, and relaxation!

  • Mfast

    I would buy her children and grandchildren plane tickets so that she could see them all! Hasn't happened in over 20 years since everybody lives all over the world!

    • miarodak

      Wow! Mom sure would love it. That's a beautiful gift, even just in spirit! 

  • laceytracy

    I would send my Mom traveling - NY, Pakistan, and wherever else she'd want to go! Plus a lot of gambling money! ^_^

    • miarodak

      LOL! My mom sure would love that too! Just great. :)

  • flaviam

    I would get my mother a house by the seaside. 

  • sam2boyz

    I would take her to Disney land with my family so she could make great memories with her grandchildren.

  • _PAUL_

    I would buy her a house in my city so she could live next to her grandchildren!

  • TVS

    I would give my mom that all inclusive trip to Italy. She has wanted to go there her whole life but never could afford to! 

  • JessicaA

    Pay off all her debt and finally get her a reliable car!!

  • curly159

    I would buy her a ticket so that she could come and visit us every year. I would spend the time with her doing whatever she likes and give her lots of "me time"

  • julielaura1

    I would buy her a house!

  • Biddle

    I'd buy her a big house near all her grandchildren and make sure she could retire and never have to work another day. 

  • BeeWBedard

    I would give her a well deserved holiday <3 xoxo

  • skyalive

    I would give my mom a vacation to Maui for a month with her family.

  • GinaF

    If I can not buy her good health ,I would buy a totally handicapped accessible house so she could move in with us and have a full time nurse and a wheelchair van to get her out more.

    • miarodak


  • NIcyHH111

    I would give her a free babysitter whenever she needs one; a wine cellar filled with nice wines; I would give her a salary doing the job that she always dreamed of with a flexible schedule (that was never realistic as it doesn't pay enough); as well two yearly vacations (one with family and one just with her husband)....

  • megnate

    If money were no object I would have the renovations paid for in my mother in laws house and for my own mother I would pay for her retirement because thats the only thing she really wants lol.

  • Raven

    I would bring her for a trip anywhere in the world she wants to go and keep doing it every year

  • Juli

    A house would be nice.

  • Bridgette

    I only wish that my Mom was alive today; she worked so hard all of her life and did not have the opportunity to indulge herself.  My only dream is to have one more day with her, hold her hand and thank her for all that she did for me. My Mom was the best there is!

  • SandraF

    I'd buy her an animal sanctuary.

  • curly159

    I would spend time with her doing what she likes and give her lots of "me time". 

    • curly159

      Can you please delete this comment since I already have one. This was an error. thank you

  • ladylou

    If I could, I would give my mom an airfare to visit her grand-children.

  • Al-P

    I'd buy her a cottage on a nearby lake so that we could spend summers together and enjoy the great outdoors!

  • emmsmama

    I'd give her a unlimited travel for the next 10 years.

  • miarodak

    These comments are so wonderful! I love how you all love your Mamas! :) Making me smile today! 

  • linnett

    I would buy her a new house.

  • NiroA

    I'd take her to the spa.. She's never been there before yet she was a single mom bringing up 2 kids.. You never realize the extent of mother's love until it hits you one day and you are a parent-to-be!

  • Robbi

    I would help her downsize, selling the items my Dad collected or just getting rid of them.  Then help to find a smaller place to live.

  • Megan86

    Take her on an around the world cruise! 

  • RustlingLeaf

    A barrel of different cheeses.

  • zeebabee

    my mom has passed away; but if she were here I would buy her an around the world trip!  

  • Colonel

    I would purchase her a motor home, and just let her travel and visit all her family and friends. I would of course come with scooters to ride around on.

  • roug

    I would hire someone to finish all the to-do things around the house!

  • Hess

    I would bring my younger brother and his family home she would luv that!

  • Mommyk

    I would have her dream home built for her complete with a craft room just for her. She loves to do folk art and create new things. I'd also like to have a custom flower/ vegetable garden. 

  • ksceviour

    a vacation!

  • Nlege051

    I would buy her a house beside ours lol

    • Nlege051

      signed up for newsletters!

  • RebeccaT

    I would buy her a house with a big garage as she is a major hoarder.

  • ksceviour

    I`m also subscribed to the newsletter

  • JackieM

    I would buy a home next to me for my dad - he's been a mom for me when my mom passed away. 

  • Jeffgo78

    There's so many things money can buy but then again there's the rest, the true moments that money can't buy. I think Would just like before take her out for lunch once a week... Maybe just in more fancy places 

  • JackieM

    I would by my dad a home near us! He's been like a mom to me when my mom passed away. 

  • stargirl

    I would take my mom to Disney world...she's never been!

  • kellybutton

    If money wasn't an object, I'd buy my Mom her dream house. The one was pass by almost every day! 

  • MillerKrazy

    A small but beautiful cottage right on the lakefront with hiking trails all around for her daily walks!  I would love to give her that simplistic serenity!

  • aarongperry

    I would take her on a trip to Europe, it's all she's ever wanted. 

  • mingers

    I'd take my mom travelling.  She didn't get to do that much while taking care of my father and she now has the time to.

  • jcbr

    If money were no object I would gave my mom a new car. She needs one.

  • jamesc

    A trip to anywhere in the world. 

  • nmlodenquai

    I would send my mom on her dream vacation that she desperately needs!

  • Coz

    Quite simple really...  Take care of all chores for her, give her some time to rest.

  • Canuckthrunthru

    I would love to put new siding on my mom's house.  The wood siding is from the 89's and it's taken a beating not only from the elements but also from the woodpeckers!!

  • donnal

    I'd give her a trip around the world!

  • donnal

    I subscribe to your daily e-mails.

  • Dbrodie

    I'd buy here unlimited plane tickets to Neefoundland so she could visit her father whenever she wanted to. 

  • haley06282001

    I would take my mom on a trip of her choosing with all of the kids/family in tow.  It would be fantastic!

  • luv2shp

    I would fly her to Australia to be with her brothers and family.

  • erinspooner

    I would buy an around the world trip for me and my mom. 

  • nanoq

    I would fly her to Bolivia where she has wanted to visit and help people there since she was a little girl. 

  • AmberL

    I'd pay down her debts and buy her a small house to happily retire to. I'd also hire her a full time chauffeur because she doesn't drive and has a hard time getting around due to her arthritis.

  • RustlingLeaf

    A trip back to her homeland, and to the refugee camp that we stayed at.

  • Jonnie

    I would buy my mom a horse and the property to keep it on if money were no object.

  • ShiAnne

    I would take my mom on a world trip!

  • donnal

    I'd give Mom a trip around the world.

  • Julie B.

    What would the world do without moms?

  • charmed

    A cruise! But she'd choose to spend a special day with her kids!

  • skeetersden

    Full time live in help

  • Pdladybug

    If money were no object, I would give to my Mom a fat cheque so she can renovate her kitchen and fix her leaking roof.  This would greatly ease her mind and bring happiness to her life.

  • Hatch

    A home on a tropical island 

  • TopGun

    I would give my Mother-in-law a trip to Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, so she could enjoy being pampered in a beautiful fancy schmancy resort.

  • kimber

    I would give my Mom a makeover and treat her to a spa session so she can be pampered and feel like a queen!

  • magbeat

    I would give my mom a house designed by a decorator she sees in the magazines she reads. She has rented a basement for the past 10 years and although she never complains, I know she dreams of owning her own house again.

  • amberg

    A trip to somewhere tropical!!

  • JeanetteM

    I absolutely love my mom! She's my rock and she has given up her leisure time the last year to take care of my daughter. If money was not an issue, I would buy a home for my mom in Indiana (brother resides there) and give her an unlimited traveling gift card so she can travel back and forth to visit her grandchildren. 

  • Qng

    I would pay for my mom's dream house renovation that she has been wanting. 

  • TreenGoodwin

    I would take my Mom on a beautiful trip , to Hawaii , neither of us have left  Canada would be the perfect Mother Daughter getaway :)

  • JeanetteM

    I absolutely love my mom! She is my rock and she has given up her leisure time the last year to take care of my daughter. If money was not an issue, I would buy a home for my mom in Indiana (brother resides there) and give her an unlimited traveling gift card so she can travel back and forth to visit her grandchildren.

  • Harvinderks

    If money were no object then I would purchase a new reliable car for my mom.  It give me peace of mind know she won't get stuck somewhere and is driving something comfortable.

  • gopinathq6

    I would take my Mom on a trip to Japan. She's always wanted to go but never had the chance. 

  • LushkaSmith

    I would buy her dream house with all the chores done by someone else.

  • kmcgee1999

    My mom dreams of downsizing and building a one level home outside of the city.  I would absolutely do that for her if I could.

  • JaredD

    If money were no option, I would pay off my mom;s outstanding debts. I have ADD, ADHD,Depression, and a learning disability. She has helped me out whenever I needed her, and I know it hasn't always been easy. She more then deserves this..

  • tperron

    If money were no object, I would have made my mother healthy, so she would have had more time with her grandkids, and see how they have grown up. She has been gone 10 years this month.

  • dreamcatcher692

    If money were no object I would send my mom on a trip around the world she means the world to me so i would love for her to see the world :) thank you for the chance

  • LesPaul

    I would retire so I could move to her city and she could see her grandkids whenever she wanted.  And an edible arrangement.

  • jhoward9

    I would take care of myself better! Im a mom of 2 and I cannot seem to manage quality time with my kids and also taking care of myself properly while working full time. We all know that in order to care for everyone else we need to take care of ourselves first, but we all know that is way harder than it sounds.!!!

    • Momma2A

      You're preaching to the choir momma!

  • Magui

    I would buy her a house so she could save the money she spends on rent every month towards her retirement 

  • christinen12

    if money was no object I would get my mom a brand new house!

  • angelbecky

    I would make sure that my mom could retire.  She and my dad have worked so hard all their lives and deserve to be able to rest and enjoy this stage of their lives.  My mom is my best friend and has been the best mother I could ever ask for.  Thank you mom!!!

  • Momma2A

    I would take my mom on a trip to South America to visit with family she hasn't seen in decades! Then bring her to meet Rod Stewart!!!

  • K8K

    Let me tell ya what I would do for my mom if money were no object! Get her all the medical help she needs, a cozy home (she would love it), travel, travel, travel, and honesty anything else she would want forever. The best mom ever! An Amazon gift card would be amazing she's saving up for a special bike on the site!!! This is a cool idea guys thanks for the chance to win!!!

  • jane1986

    i would buy my mom a house cause she is renting an appartment right now . thanks for the chance 

  • luxor69

    I'd send my mom and her group of besties on cruise; I know theyl'd have the time of their lives!!!

  • gazelle36

    My mother is deaf so I would get the best doctors to have her hear again.  She misses music so much (she became deaf in her late 40's) and she would love to be able to hear her grandchildrens voices.

  • kritafo

    My mom has been gone for 15 years, my kids were to young to even remember her.  I would give anything and all the money to find a cure for her cancer.

  • selbys

    I would take my Mom to Paris if money were on object.   &nbsp;

  • Sky123

    I would buy her a house close to her mom and her brother so she can be closer to her family. We are staying 5h away by plane from them.

  • Crysslovesstuff

    I would pay all her bills for the next couple years and just take her places.

  • fragglebatches

    If I could give my mom anything, I would give her a vacation and comfort to help her through the journey of breast cancer she is on. 

  • lattesplease

    I would send my mom to Italy so she could reunite with her brothers and sisters. It's been a long time since they've all seen each other

  • Nlege051

    I would pay for a trip to a destination of her choice!

  • 1hbit

    I would send her on a trip to asia

  • janc

    I would get a trip at a luxurious overwater bungalow in Bora Bora. I went there for my honeymoon and it was worth every penny. I wish I could send my mom there!

  • Chrissygojaysgo

    I would supply groceries and education for he kiddos 

  • JoshS

    A trip somewhere.  She loves to travel

  • TVS

    In addition to what I dreamed of giving my mom yesterday. I would get her a new a new SUV for those cold SK winters!

  • donnal

    I'd buy her a private tropical island.

  • andreaca

    If money were no object I would make it so my Mom could retire and move closer to us (or we move closer to her) so she could have a relationship with her grandkids. She's only met my youngest two boys (who are 6 and 7) once. 

  • rudiger

    I would buy my mum a new vehicle, and probably move myself closer so I would be there to help her out more.

  • sazouma

    It's not something money can buy, or something I can give her. I'm already striving to give her an easier life when she's older (secure home, travel), but in truth, I'd like my mom find a special someone in her life who'd treat her right<3

  • wandajane

    I would give her a trip away with her sisters so they could spend time together if money was no object .

  • RustlingLeaf

    A full-time nurse.

  • tonny

    I would buy her a house!

  • CarolTaves

    If money were no object, I would give my Mom more of my time. My Mom thinks she has everything she needs, but I know she would love more time with her kids, grandkids, great-grandkids - time to go out for lunch, take her shopping, drive her around to visit friends, etc. Not big expensive things, but just being together.

  • valerietheberge

    I would give her a world tour travel :)

  • andreawilliams31521

    I would give my Mom unlimited funds to fly and visit us whenever she want to!

  • Suzquiz

    If money were no object I would take my Mum on a long holiday she loves to travel

  • Mitro80

    If money were no object I would give the gift of early retirement to my Mom :) Thank you! 

  • newfiechic

    I would get my mom a car, she doesn't have one.

  • DianeA

    I would buy her a condo, so she no longer has to worry about house upkeep, or snow clearing

  • VJH

    if my mom were still here in would buy her dream house and give her anything amd everything her heart desired. She deserved way more than she received in life. 

  • Jogui

    I would give her time.  More time like one on one time to spend together and cherish.  She is no longer here but I would give her the world if I could.

  • donnal

    I would get her a chauffeur driven limo.

  • TVS

    I think I would also buy her a condo because those darn stairs in her house are getting too hard to do now.  I worry about her falling down all the time!

  • Kae333

    I would get her an amazing new wardrobe to fill the massive walk-in closet i'd have built. She always gets excited about a new outfit she can wear to work!

  • dancemusicca

    If money was no object I would by my mom her dream home with her own personal chef, maid, gardener and physiotherapist. I would also pay off any debt she has, so she can retire. I would take her traveling around the world to places like Britain, Australia, Hawaii, Bora Bora, Italy etc... I would also buy her a car and anything else she wanted. She deserves this and so much more.

  • HockeyMom22

    definitely the best RV possible. I know her and my dad would love to travel and camp and just enjoy the road. 

  • ajohnston10

    I would give a lucky mom a lifetime of house cleaning! I know I would appreciate that the most. ; )

  • Vmisir

    an Austin mini!

  • donnal

    I would hire a private chef for Mom.

  • LindsayP

    We've joked for a long time about what we would do if we won the lottery - buy a large property in the middle of nowhere and take in all the abandoned animals to give them love and affection <3

  • lyndac1968

    I would get my mother maid service so she no longer has to clean, it's something she has been wanting!!

  • Katerinawit

    I'd hire my mom free taxi service for the next year.  She lives just outside of town and doesn't drive.  Since my dad passed away she's kind of stuck.

  • Jodi M.

    Thank you :) Liked/Shared/Entered

  • Mitro80

    If money were no object I would buy my Mom a house on my street :) 3 More Days!

  • proudmom

    I would invent a time machine so I could smile and say thank you (instead of making that awful face) when people would compliment me by saying I looked just like my mom.

  • slugbug55

    If I ever won the lottery I would by my sister a small house.She has lived in apartments her entire married life and would love to have her own home.

  • AmandaM9

    id give a trip of a lifetime if money were no object. Memories over stuff

  • Alpaca217

    I would get her yard and snow service. Also weekly fresh food home delivery. 

  • angelene67

    If money were no object, I would book a flight to Sault Ste. Marie & spend Mother's Day with my sis! It will be our first Mother's Day without Mumsy :(

  • Karryknisley

    I would buy my mom a fully furnished house

  • rudiger

    If money were no object, I would give my mum a trip to England.

  • Lynda N.

    Liked and shared!!

  • TVS

    I'd buy mom a big bouquet of flowers and give her maid service for life!

  • kam77

    I would take her on a trip to Venice because she's always wanted to go, but never has!

  • hrl

    I would pay for a four season sunroom to be added to their home.

  • MzHoyte

    Id buy a vacation property large enough were we could have family moments and memories away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. My mom died so it'd be for my grandmothers to enjoy...

  • Kladd

    I'd pay off her mortgage and renovate the only house that she's never touched - her bedroom!  Been the same since 1984 lol

  • glorrria

    I would go travelling with my mom on a tour of South America!

  • nanoq

    if money was no option I would just ask my mom what she wants most in the world and then go get it for her without her knowing that I was able to and surprise her.

  • blondie25

    I would renovate my moms house from top to bottom as it needs a complete overhaul.   Seriously nothing could show her how much I appreciate everything she did for me as a single mother of two.   She's an amazing woman!

  • smh

    I'd take my mom on a trip to england as it is her dream! (Suzi)

  • smh

    I subscribe to your newsletters (beautiful dot dreamer @ gmail dot com)

  • Sbh

    a house

  • tihanyi

    I would take my Mom and her family and friends on Caribbean trip.

  • TVS

    if money were no object I'd buy my mom a small island in the Caribbean! 

  • Christina20

    I would take my mom around the world, she loves to travel! I'd also make sure to get her a picture in every major city so she could add onto the photo album collection we got her today! Love my mom :)

  • Svitlana

    I would take my mom to a nice trip :)

  • Andrea A.

    Thanks for the chance!

  • PMinhas

    I would buy my Mom a winter home in Portugal (her birth place) so that she does not suffer from her current aches and pains in the long cold Canadian winters now.   She loves Canada winters after coming here 48 years ago but now her age is causing her some arthritis and other ailments unfortunately.   This way she could spend a few months away during the colder December and January months in a much hotter climate in southern Portugal.  She would love to see relatives every year and also enjoy the hotter weather in her original home town.   

  • kittywas

    Id get my mum a larger, nicer place to live

  • PMinhas

    Thank you for the chance to win Amazon gift card for my Mom.

  • Mitro80

    1 more day! :)

  • lyndac1968

    I would get my mother the home of her dreams with cleaning service!!

  • ToCo

    A cruise to remember! She'd love that! I'm already a subscriber :)

  • LegallyB

    A house of her own and a cancer-free life!

  • rebthecatsitter

    I subscribe to emails!

  • rebthecatsitter

    I liked and commented on the FB post today as Rebecca Roberts

  • donnal

    I would send her on a luxury cruise around the world.

  • rudiger

    If money were no object, I would renovate my mum's kitchen for her.

  • terrymac

    If money were no object, I would give Mom a new house complete with maid and gardener

  • NenaS

    If money were no object, I would take my Mom on a trip to Iceland. She's been there twice before and loves it! This is the country where her parents were from and she has a lot of relatives there. I've never been there myself, but would love to go,too. 

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